FREE  5 Part Series On Building Worship Keyboard Patches From Scratch!

"Wow! I thought I was good at creating keys patches, until I went through this course! I'm only through the first 3 videos and I've already built some sounds that I will use over and over again!" - Steven (Keys Player)

"I'm exctied about playing keys again! I can't wait to use the sounds I've built! Thank you! -Josh G. (Keys Player)

"I find myself continuously saying 'Oooh, that's how they make that sound!'" -Antonio (Keys Player)


This course is packed full of content that every worship keyboardist needs!  In this series we'll cover:

  1. Learn Mainstage/Omnisphere:  As we walk you through building sounds from the ground up, you're going to not only learn the basics of these 2 programs, you'll learn advanced tips and tricks as well!
  2. Critical Worship Sounds: We're going to build, from scratch, some of the most useful worship patches that you'll find yourself using over and over again. 
  3. What Separates 'Ok' Sounds From Great Ones:  Learn what the "pros" are doing when producing sounds, that you may not be!
  4. Download Our Mainstage Template FREE: Get access to our mainstage template so you can work right along side Keith as he builds sounds, and also have the most effective template for playing live!

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