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"I wish I would have found this course sooner! I found myself saying 'Oh! That's how they make that sound' multiple times! I can't believe this course is free, I would have gladly payed for it! Thank you!"
-Jeremy (Electric Guitarist, Journey Church)

This course is packed full of content that every worship guitarist needs! You'll learn:

  1. 5 Unique Guitar Effects: Each video covers a different effect and how you can use it in your own playing!
  2. Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture, Planetshakers, Chris Tomlin, and More: We look at the effects in context with the songs and artists we love!
  3. Learn Variations of the Effects:  We look at multiple ways to use the same effect and how "the pros" are getting the most out of them!
  4. Specific Pedals and Their Settings: I'll give you my personal pedal recommendations to get the exact sounds we cover!

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★"5 minutes! That's all it took for me to learn something I've been trying to master for years! Thank you for explaining it in such a clear simple way!"
-Josiah (Electric Guitarist, Gateway Church)

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"This is the by far the simplest, most straight forward, instruction for guitar tone I have ever experienced. I recommend it to every guitarist I meet."
-Sam (Electric Guitarist, Crossroads Church)