Worship Pad Loops: Atmosphere & Ambience That Fits In Your Pocket

The secret to you band sounding bigger and your music flowing seamlessly, without spending thousands of dollars on expensive equipment.

  • No click track!
  • No special software!
  • No hassle!

Over 10,000 Sold!

I’m excited to be able to share with you the “secret” to your best sounding worship sets ever!

After every set I play, whether its only me and my acoustic or with a full band, I always have someone want to know how the heck I pulled off full sounds of pads and ambience with no keyboard player! They always seem to ask wide eyed and in awe as if I’m some sort of master magician. Well, I’m no magician; and no, I don’t have a keyboardist hiding in the back somewhere.




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Can you relate with any of these?

  • Are you tired of never having a keyboard player?
  • Don’t want to spend thousands on software and equipment?
  • Tired of your music not sounding full enough?
  • Setting up software and equipment can be annoying?
  • Need something extra for worshipful moments?
  • Do you wish there was a cheap easy solution?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Worship Pad Loops are exactly what you need in your music arsenal!

Solve your "no-keyboardist" problem once and for all!

The one thing that most bands are missing these days is an excellent worship keyboard player. You know, the guy who makes all of the “worship” sounds. Well your problems are solved!

  • Seamlessly transition from song to song
  • Fill the space with rich pad sounds
  • Press play and let the loops do the work
  • ​All with only seconds of effort

What others are saying:

"...crystal clear and perfectly crafted. It's obvious a lot of time and effort went into capturing each and every sound." 

-Caleb Harkins (Sound Engineer/Worship Leader)
"...the Worship Pad Loops have solved all of our transitioning struggles! Not only are we seamlessly going from one song to the next, we're doing it with little to no effort! ...It's as simple as pressing play on an iPod! I recommend them to anyone and everyone involved in any sort of worship music."

-Brent Hammett (Tech For Mercy Me)
"If you are by yourself or have a band as big as Hillsong, you can find a use for these loops! They are great for transitions if you don't want any emptiness between songs, or if you don't want to concentrate on what you're playing as you address an audience."

-Lyle Barnard (Worship Leader)
"Because the loops are so portable I can either play them directly off my phone or iPad, or off of an iPod dock! My acoustic sets have been taken to the next level!"

-Coleman Colvin (Worship Leader)
"...I've been using these for songwriting and man it's a game changer! " 

-Cody Carnes (Worship Leader)

Enhance your sets with less than a minute of effort

  • Don't waste time energy trying to figure out complicated software.
  • Have the loops on your device everywhere you go.
  • Have Worshipful atmosphere in every situation. From acoustic sets to large full band sets!
  • ​People will want to know how you did it!

Play the sample below

You don't have to have extra musicians to sound amazing and flow effortlessly

  • Glue everything together
  • Ambience on the go
  • Worshipful pads that move people

Don't miss out on larger than life sets, when others are doing it so easily!

  • Over 8 hourse of audio
  • ​Can be played on ANY device
  • All 12 major keys
  • ​All 12 minor keys

Limited Time 85% Discount!

Price - $60.00
✔Just One Payment of $9.99 Today!


Play with a new found confidence, or your money back!

If you aren’t completely satisfied within thirty days, I’ll refund your money promptly!
How exactly does it work?
The Worship Pad Loops plays a mixture of professional studio recorded ambient pad sounds and guitar swells that remain in harmony or on the root of the key you are in. Thus adding many thick textures and layers to your music.
How were these loops made?
We spent some time in a professional studio, using top of the line recoding equipment, crafting each and every sound to perfection. The majority of the sounds are made from guitar swells, while others are from keyboard pads.
What kind of gear do I need?
This is what makes the Pad Loops the best option on the market. You can play them off of any device (phone, iPod, computer…etc.) that will play mp3s. This give you the ability to play them directly from the device (or on an ipod dock) in a small setting, or run them through the sound system with an eighth inch cable.
How do I use these with songwriting?
One of the favorite uses of the Pad Loops is for songwriting. For 2 big reasons. One is that playing the loop in the key you’re writing in gives you a constant reference that you can sing along with, without having to be playing an instrument. Two is that these pad loops are so spectacularly awesome at creating ambience, that you’ll be in meditation mode creating a musical masterpiece in seconds.
Other uses besides music sets.
Along with songwriting (explained above), many customers use these loops for prayer times. Either on their own, or in a large corporate settings. Which is why you don’t have to be a musician to love these Pad Loops! We’ve heard of people driving down the road listening and singing along to these Pad Loops!
Tips on use.
Set up a playlist on the device you are using. Put only the song keys you are using for that set in the playlist. Start the first key, and as you change keys, fade the volume down and then back in on the next key. (Do it yourself, or have someone else do it. For instance, the drummer.) Also, make sure your device is on repeat or else at the end of the 20 min key loop, it will change keys.
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