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Earn unlimited commissions by inviting your friends, family, and fellow musicians to be a part of Worship Online!

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About The Program

This program is a unique opportunity we offer as a way to say thank you for allowing us to play a small part in your ministry. Through this program, you have the opportunity to earn unlimited commissions by inviting your friends, family, and fellow musicians to be a part of Worship Online!

We know that what we do isn't about money, but if we have the ability to help you buy that new piece of gear you've been eyeing or a cup of coffee each week, we'd love to bless you in that way.

When someone you've invited joins Worship Online we send you a percentage of their subscription fee to say thank you, it's that simple!

Your reward for referring new customers!

You get 10% of their first payment and then 5% recurring commission for each referred customer!

Special Offer for your friends and followers!

They get a 10% discount coupon when they subscribe with your promo code!

Earn Bonuses!

Get additional rewards the more customers you refer!

Here's what program members are saying!

Chase Debinar  

"All I did was share it with my friends and followers and now I'm getting paid every month! So easy!"

Zac Turner  

"I love Worship Online! So what an easy way to make some extra change with something I'm already telling people about!"

Sarah Palents

"The WO ambassador program has been a huge help with expenses during this tough season. Thank you!"

Let us buy you coffee each week!

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