10 Pro Worship Guitar Pedalboards You Need To See

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Worship Pedalboards

For many worship guitar players, crafting the perfect sound is crucial. From building tone to creating atmosphere, the right pedals can make all the difference. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the best pedals. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 10 pro worship guitar pedalboards you need to see.

Firstly we reached out to the guitar players for Elevation Worship, Bethel Music, Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes, Brooke Ligertwood, UPPERROOM, and The Belonging Co. & they each sent back photos and links to the specific gear they are currently using! Unquestionably in this post, you’ll find all the pedalboard essentials.

Also, we’ll show each pedal these guitar players use and list them in order of their signal chain. Undoubtedly whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this blog is sure to give you inspiration and insight into the gear that can take your worship leading to the next level.

Before you proceed…

Firstly, these pedalboards are not listed in order of ranking, and to help you connect the tone to the artist, we classified them by the worship teams they show up on. Huge shoutout to all the guys that sent us their setup.

Without delay, let’s dive in and explore the world of pro-worship pedalboards!

1. Elevation Worship Pedalboard & Brooke Ligertwood Pedalboard

E. Edwards

Elevation Worship Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Quad Cortex > HX Stomp > Strymon Big Sky > Selah Quartz 

A few notes on E’s pedalboard

From a visual standpoint, this board is simple, but in capability – this could be one of the most potent pedalboards in this post. The power of the HX Stomp & Quad Coretx on their own is already immense. When you stack these two together, it’s like wielding the sword of Excalibur. Overall I couldn’t think of a setup that personifies E more than the setup we see here right now.

2. Bethel Music Pedalboard & Brooke Ligertwood Pedalboard

Jonathan Lee  

Bethel Music Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Rjm mastermind pbc 6x > Sonic research mini turbo tuner > Meris Hedra > Walrus audio deep six > Electro Harmonix POG 2 > Zvex SHO > JHS Superbolt > JHS kilt v2 > JHS bender > Vertex clean boost > Dunlop vp > Walrus audio Julia > Bondi effects art van > GFI synesthesia > Hologram microcosm > Strymon timeline > Strymon Big Sky > Goodwood audio output > TA link send/receive

Disaster audio midi box converts midi to TRS to – art van, synesthesia, and hedra. 

The expression pedal goes to Rjm to control different parameters via cc midi per preset. 

A few notes about Jonathan’s worship pedalboard

What we have here from Jonathan Lee is a good ole fashion pedal-lover’s pedalboard. There are no weak links in this glorious setup, which is no surprise on a Jonathan Lee pedalboard. The guy is known for the best of the best. 

One thing to note that I absolutely love about this board is: the Timeline & Big Sky are within easy reach in the middle of the pedalboard. This can happen partially because of the Goodwood Audio junction box that he’s rockin’ underneath the board. This allows his pedals to be placed in the light of what makes the most sense for playing, not for output. A super wise move! Again, not surprising to see it on a Jonathan Lee board.

3. Kari Jobe Pedalboard, Cody Carnes Pedalboard, & The Belonging Co. Pedalboard

Cory Pierce

Kari Jobe pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Browne T4 > SP Compressor (stays off 90% of the time) > RC Booster > Browne Amplification Protein > JHS Bonzai > Micro POG > Mini Polytune (dry out of Micro POG.) > Dunlop Volume pedal (Effect out of Micro POG) > Waza Craft Vibrato VB-2 > QUAD Cortex > TC Electronic Chorus Pedal (effects loop mono send) > Line 6 DL4 > Strymon Timeline > Strymon Big Sky > Boss PN-2 Tremolo / Pan > HX Stomp (stereo return back to QUAD Cortex) > QUAD Cortex Output

This could be one of the coolest setup pedalboards in this post. A perfect combination of old school and new school. Prime example – Line 6 DL4 & a QUAD Cortex. Cory Pierce is known for his ear and unique ability to dial perfect tones. This board showcases all of that perfectly. 

Be sure to note that the signal chain for Cory’s worship pedalboard utilizes the send/return on the QUAD Cortex uniquely. All of his reverbs, delays, tremolos, etc., come in through the Quad Cortex. Giving him tons of control when it comes to how those pedals interact with the amp and overall mix.

4. UPPERROOM Pedalboard

Julian Gamboa – UPPERROOM

UPPERROOM pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Compressor (Cali 76) > Dunlop volume > Benson boost > RAT > Centura Klon > mooer pure octave > Walrus Audio Julianna chorus > Strymon timeline > Strymon cloudburst > Strymon Flint > UA Dream > UA Ruby > TA Link

Quarts Selah (for midi)

A few notes about Julian’s worship pedalboard

The first thing to note on this board that is so sick is the usage of the new pedals from Universal Audio. When you thought, “oh, I’m sure these aren’t that good; I’m sure the team at UA is probably maxed out on all they can pull off,” – they all of a sudden released this line of pedals that surpassed our expectations. Also, the usage of the Strymon Flint. Huge move. I love that pedal so much and was incredibly happy to see it on this setup.

5. UPPERROOM Pedalboard

Garrett Hardy – UPPERROOM

UPPERROOM pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Supa Boost > Keeley Comp > Mooer Tender Octaver > Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive >  JHS Charlie Brown > JHS Superbolt > T1M volume box (under the board, controlled via the boss expression pedal. Also, split to always on tuner send), M1, D1, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Flint

Additionally, the MC6 controls all wet effects.

A few notes about Garrett’s worship pedalboard

Every time I’ve heard Garrett’s tone, it is so consistent, high-quality, and massive. Not surprising, given all the amazing pedals he has on his setup. Also, a HUGE shoutout to the usage of the Sparkle Drive. That brings me back to the 2008 YouTube sensation GearManDude. Truly a faithful that, in my opinion, has never lost its charm.

6. LEELAND Pedalboard

Casey Moore

Leeland Pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Everything goes through the Mastermind PBC looper, but the signal chain is usually…

JHS comp > JHS Bonsai  > JHS Kilt > JHS Prestige > JHS Micro POG > JHS emperor chorus/vibe > Strymon Mobius > Strymon El Capistan > Line 6 DL4 > Strymon Flint > Boss RV5 > Walrus R1 

Hilton pro guitar volume pedal is inserted between loops 5-6

Sonic research tuner out from volume pedal

All outputs go through Goodwood audio custom junction box 

A few notes about Casey’s worship pedalboard

This board put a big ole smile on my face because, yet again, we see the Line 6 DL4, large and in-charge. Note on Casey’s DL4, back in the good ole days when JHS modded pedals. Again, another fantastic placement where it’s reachable on the board. Another thing that is so crucial when it comes to this board is the usage of the Quartz. All the tap dancing that comes with tap tempo is eliminated by this beautiful machine. Program your tempos, create your presets in setlist order, and wham, you’re tap dancing days are behind you.

7. Matt Mahr pedalboard

Matt Podesla

Matt Mahr pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Diamond compressor > Micro Pog > JHS Bonsai overdrive > Browne Protein overdrive > JHS Kilt overdrive > Dunlop DVP4 volume pedal > Poly Tune tuner (tuner out of Dunlop) > Walrus Audio > Julia vibrato/chorus > Cusack Tap-a-Whirl tremolo > Strymon El Capistan (I use a disaster area micro clock for tempo with it) > Eventide h9 max (with this1smyne controller) > Strymon timeline > Strymon big sky reverb

A few notes about Matt’s worship pedalboard

If you want to see a detailed walkthrough of Matt’s board and how he uses each pedal, check out our Worship Guitar Tone Masterclass here. Okay, listen, the moment I saw Matt’s board, I was immediately amped because first and foremost in his chain is the Diamond Compressor. My personal opinion is this guy never got the recognition that they deserved. It’s so good. Another really quick note on pairing and stacking. Both Cory Perice and Matt Podesla have this setup on their worship pedalboards. A JHS Bonsai and Browne Protein. Individually they are unreal, and together they are unreal. If you haven’t heard of Browne Amplification, you need to give them a look. 

Also, a little side note about The Protein, one of the best bass overdrive tones I’ve ever heard was with this pedal.  Parke Cottrell of Colony House runs this on his bass board, and the crunch n punch you get is just so MONEY! Run it through your send/return to avoid losing your low-end.

8. The Belonging Co. pedalboard & Chris Renzema pedalboard

Jim Bugg

The Belonging Co. pedalboard

Pedalboard Signal Chain

Line 6 M9 (JHV3 mods) > Micro POG > SP comp > VP Jr. volume pedal > Durham Sex Drive > Klon Centaur > JHS Superbolt > Boss VB-2 > Deluxe Memory Man Tap Tempo > Strymon El Cap + fav switch > Turbo Tuner > Strymon Flint > Ditto

A few notes about Jim’s worship pedalboard

Listen, immediately, you’ll notice that this is a glorious spaceship worship pedalboard, BUT the one thing about his board that you’ll notice is there isn’t a looper anywhere. In fact, when sending over the photo of this pedalboard, Jim made a note about that! He used to have a Mastermind looper on his pedalboard but took it off because he feels more connected to the music when he’s engaging and disengaging the different pedals. You heard it here first, a vote in favor of the tap-dancing worship guitarist. Honestly, I love it!

9 & 10. Zach Williams pedalboard

Nick Mayer

Nick Mayer's board

Nick Mayer's board

AXE-FX III > Fractal FC12 (Lehle Dual Expression Pedals for volume)

A few notes about Nick’s worship pedalboard

Okay, so we are ending this one in a fun way. Highlighting one of my favorite guitar players alive, that is a king of tone (please tell me someone got that joke). Nick will never make a decision that sacrifices tone for the sake of ease. I’ve talked with him about his journey of landing where he is now with the Fractal setup. Let me tell you, after all the A/B-ing, the quality holds up, and the ease of setup is totally worth it. BUT don’t let the above photo fool you… Nick still has his beautiful pedalboard spaceship intact. Enjoy this beauty!

Nick Mayer's board

How to know what pedal is best for you

Overall we love creating posts like this to help save you time and help you see what some other phenomenal worship guitar players are doing. For us, it’s all about taking out the guesswork, so you can be confident. Above all, we wanted to give you everything you need to hit the ground running. For help discovering the perfect gear for you, check out our Worship Guitar Tone Masterclass here.

Now it’s your turn!

So, think about your tone and setup and your problem areas. Do you need to simplify your setup because it’s too intense? Look into Fractal, QUAD Cortex, Helix, etc. Are you struggling to turn on your pedals between different sections of the songs? A looper could be a great move. Are you bored with the Blue Sky but need something that makes sense for the context? Give the UA Dream a shout. 

Next, jump on YouTube and start watching reviews.

Listen to the tones people are getting from these pedals. Maybe order one and try it out. If it doesn’t work, return it. If you don’t like the process of buying and returning, take your personal worship pedalboard to a guitar shop that has the pedal you’re looking for. Or maybe see if you can take your board to a friend’s house and try out a pedal you’re interested in. You could even see if you could try it out after service one Sunday. Overall spend time learning about specific pedals and how they sound.

A case for simple pedalboards

Also, I can’t stress enough how much technology has progressed and how good the amp and effects simulators sound these days. I know huge, arena-level bands that are all using these types of setups. Overall they truly sound phenomenal! This is a great way to save money over time while also having the ability to continually develop your sound. 

Here’s the most important thing to remember as you prepare your worship pedalboard

Above all, remember why you’re doing this. The reason we spend time learning and developing our pedalboards and our tone is NOT so we can be the best. It is NOT so we can belong. But so we can participate in a piece of what we were made for. We were created to create. The stars, the mountains, the flowers, and a smile all point to the majesty and beauty of the Lord. It all points back to him. We don’t create so we can have value. We create from the place of already having value. 

Bringing forth a new sound (Psalm 33:3) gives our communities a new experience and something to be in awe of. It connects their hearts to the heart of the Father in a new way. The Lord calls us to sing a new song. I’ve always wondered why, but over the last few years, I’ve realized that every time I encounter something new and moving – it makes my heart come alive in ways my soul needs. Undoubtedly that’s what we do for our communities too.

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