Give your team hours of their time back each week, and sound amazing doing it!

Frustrated with leading a well-prepared and skilled worship team?

Remove all the stress from your services and resource your team with the highest quality song resources available.

Used by over 1587 worship ministries each week

Reduce team member burnout by over 50%.

The research is in – Are you struggling to keep musicians active and excited on your you team? Based on a survey of over 1500 worship teams, we found that worship teams that used Worship Online had a significant drop in the number of musicians that would leave the team due to burnout. In fact, nearly all respondents reported team members were genuinely more excited to serve.

Invite your team members.

Organization is the key to quickly and easily getting your team the information they need.


Build and share setlists that include all of the details your team members need to show up fully prepared.

Integrate with Planning Center

If your church uses Planning Center for their planing needs, you can connect your Worship Online account with one click. This will allow you to share song resources directly from Worship Online into PCO. You can even share full setlists.