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Tutorials, lessons, chord charts and tabs! Worship leaders - now you can sound like the album without having a single professional musician

Whether you’re an individual musician, or a worship leader equipping your team, we have the tools to have you learning your entire set in minutes (even if you can’t play by ear). Express yourself in worship with a new confidence!
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That means no more YouTube videos or trying to pick parts out from an mp3. With the highest quality, professionally recorded, worship tutorials online, you can clearly see and hear exactly what to play/sing. Sound incredible and gain a new excitement for playing and leading worship each week!

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Isolate and learn ALL of the parts, exactly like the artist plays/sings them. From parts that are hard to pick out, to soaring leads. No more struggling to learn parts!

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Imagine walking up on stage and playing your parts with full confidence. And having the freedom to express yourself in worship without worrying about what you’re playing/singing. Over 15,134 worship team members are already doing it with Worship Online each week!

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Whether you’re an individual musician, or a worship leader seeking to equip your team, we have the tools to excellently prepare you for worship. The award winning Worship Online mobile app has over 1200 five star reviews in the app store!

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