Brendan Tan (Hillsong Young & Free) Drum Rundown & Setup

Brendan Tan (Hillsong Young & Free) Drum Rundown & Setup

Over the years touring as a professional drummer for Hillsong Young & Free, Brendan Tan has learned a lot about what drum gear works well and what doesn’t. In this free 2 part series, Brendan Tan goes over each piece of his drum setup and shows exactly what gear he’s been using on the road most recently.

In Part 1 Brendan covers his: 

  • Cymbals
  • Drums (snare, toms, kick)
  • Sticks
  • & Electronics

Watch now!

Watch Part 2!

Click the link above for Part 2 where Brendan Tan covers:

  • Why he’s chosen each piece of his gear
  • Tuning overview
  • Tuning for live shows and why it’s made all the difference in their overall mix
  • A full playthrough of “Every Little Thing” by Hillsong Young & Free with his SPD-SX

Rig Rundown

Drum Kit – Ludwig Vistalite

  • Kick – 22×14”
  • Rack Tom – 13×9”
  • Floor Tom – 16×16”
  • Snare – 14×7”


  • Batter Head Evans EMAD (bass drum)
  • Resonant Head Evans EQ3 (bass drum)
  • Batter Head Evans G2 Clear (for both toms)
  • Resonant Head Evans G1 Clear (on the bottom)


  • Blackbird 14×7”
  • Batter Head Evans HD Dry on top
  • Resonant Head Evans Hazy 300
  • Snare Wires Puresound
  • Snare Weight Brass Lock 4

Heartbeat Cymbals

  • 18” Jazz Crash (top hat)
  • 18” Epic Crash (bottom hat)
  • 22” Custom Dry Light Ride
  • 26” Jazz Ride
  • 24” Jazz Ride


  • Roland SPD-SX
  • Roland Kick & Snare Trigger


  • Promark – D’Addario


  • Tama Rhythm Watch RW200


  • Ultimate Ears 11


  • Basal Drum Key
  • Moon Gel

If you have questions about what gear we use and why feel free to reach out in the comments below!

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