Following God’s Purpose for Your Life by Taking Risks

Following God’s Purpose for Your Life by Taking Risks by Jordan Holt

The entire Christian walk is founded on risk.

If truly committed, we choose to invest our time, money and entire lifestyle to a God we do not physically see. It sounds crazy on paper, but we would not do it if it wasn’t worth it.

The entire Bible is full of so many promises that we all have access to. Unfortunately, many of us trade those promises for comfort because we are unwilling to go all-in and let God move through faith-filled risks.

What if God wants to continually do the impossible in your life? There’s only one way to find out.

“…whatever one sows, that will he also reap…And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. ” Galatians 6:7 & 9 ESV

You reap what you sow.

If you sum up everything I am talking about today, it comes down to that. I have seen great increase, miracles, favor, lives changed, and grace through planting myself in uncomfortable situations that require God to show up. Trusting God through taking action is always rewarding. He will not let us down.

I believe there are two scenarios that keep us from taking risks:

  1. We are too scared of the outcome going wrong or not doing what God wanted us to do (fear)
  2. We are too comfortable in our current situations or do not believe you can hope for more (complacency)

Don’t let fear steer you away from your purpose.

The enemy tries to get our thoughts in a loop of fearing right or wrong choices in life so we never move forward. This is opposes God’s will because advancement ultimately serves the kingdom and other people.

A common scenario that I have seen is people fearing to step out to pray for the sick. “What if it’s not God’s will?” “What if they don’t get healed and they get jaded?” “I’m not sure if I have that gift or even if it’s for today…”

The questioning of our capability and God’s will instantly paralyzes the person and ultimately prevents them from taking risks and having faith.

You will never see someone get healed unless you step out and go for it. We have to stop waiting for the clouds to part and an audible voice from heaven to tell us what to do.

It is incredibly awkward at first because it is not normal in our culture. But nothing is “normal” about life with God. He requires us to die to ourselves and walk in love. It never fails.

Faith is activated through risk. It isn’t a feeling. It’s telling your emotions and doubt that I trust God enough in this risky situation to take action and depend on Him. We have to have enough faith in God’s grace that even if we don’t make the “ideal” decision that He is still good, faithful and will sort things out. Is our faith in our own strength or God’s ability and desire to succeed?

Kingdom over Complacency.

“The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. The opposite of art is not ugliness, it’s indifference. The opposite of faith is not heresy, it’s indifference.” – Elie Wiesel

This quote hit me hard. I heard it in a sermon recently and felt incredibly convicted. To see someone in need and not help them is the opposite of the Kingdom. To be indifferent towards our own lives changing, evolving, and moving forward is also not Kingdom.

God wants the promised land for us, and in turn, other people who are with us. But just like the Israelites, we can delay that process or even prevent it. Many of them never even saw the promise fulfilled because of looking backwards and stubbornness to move forward.

It’s not all about us.

Taking risk and moving forward brings favor and blessing, but it is always about the Kingdom. Our whole purpose is to glorify God and let others see His goodness in our lives. They need the gospel. If we do not care about moving forward and taking risks we are being selfish. Plain and simple.

Examples of Immature Risk-Taking VS. Spirit-Led Risk-Taking

Immature risk-taking

“I have always dreamed of being a professional musician…I do not like my current job and feel like I have a greater calling…No one will hire me for music unless I am not working my current 9 to 5…I’m going to quit my job right away, hustle, network, and work at the local coffee shop.”

Spirit-led risk-taking

“I have always dreamed of being a professional musician…I do not like my current job and feel like I have a greater calling…I want to ultimately put God’s Kingdom first, so I will be a light in my difficult job and continue to pray…4 doors open a year later after praying diligently…I pray more, have peace, quit my reliable job, and trust that God will direct me to the right path even if I misheard Him.”

Can you guess which one led to incredible breakthrough, dreams realized, and greater provision than I had ever previously experienced?

I’m not inferring a formula to breakthrough, because I was definitely not perfect in the process and wanted to quit my job and do things in my own strength probably hundreds of times. All I am saying is that when we seek first the Kingdom with our heart, which requires risk, we see God do incredible things.

But guess what else happened when I took this risk? It led to more risks.

Everything was not smooth and easy after that, and it still isn’t. God is our personal trainer. He knows that when we “exercise” our faith we get stronger and healthier. His goal is not to put us into some American dream-like promised land where everything is comfortable. If we want to see the impossible in our life we have to run a few miles and get our heart in shape.

Where has God shown up in the risks you have taken? Let us know in the comments below!

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