How To Use An SPD-SX In Your Worship Set With Daniel Jones

Spd-sx worship

In Part 1 Daniel Covers:

  • Setting up the SPD-SX and uploading samples
  • Different sound options
  • Incorporating samples into your set
  • Triggering tracks and click
  • And tons more!

Watch now below!

how to use and Spd-sx part 2

Click the link above for Part 2 where we’ll show you…

  • Demonstrations of how popular worship songs are using the SPD-SX
  • Examples of things to try with samples
  • Using the SPD-SX in upbeat “track-heavy” songs as well as slower “worshipful” songs.

Part 2 is where we put everything you just learned into practice, so miss this video!

Have any questions on the SPD-SX?! Let us know in the comments below!

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