Keeping Worship Leading Fresh & Void of Monotony w/ Alexander Pappas

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Alexander Pappas


Does worship leading sometimes feel mundane or like you’ve hit a plateau? You’re not alone. Many worship leaders struggle to keep their ministry vibrant week after week. Today, we talk with Alexander Pappas, a seasoned worship leader with over fifteen years of experience, about what’s kept worship leading fresh and engaging.

This episode is packed with wisdom to rekindle your resolve and passion for leading worship. Tune in to the full episode now and bring fresh joy to every service!

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About Alexander Pappas

Born in Southern California and raised in the quaint town of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Alexander Pappas discovered his musical talents early. At 15, he began playing guitar, influenced by the vibrant worship scene at his local church. By 17, Pappas was leading worship, captivating congregations with his dedication and skill. His passion for contemporary worship led him to make a significant life decision at 19. He moved to Sydney, Australia, to attend Hillsong Church’s International Leadership College.

Personal Life and Legacy

Now residing in Los Angeles, Alexander Pappas continues his ministry as an artist, impacting lives through his music and leadership. As a two-time GRAMMY® nominee, Pappas has penned worship anthems like “Alive,” “Wake,” “Real Love,” and “Echo.” His deep-rooted passion for sparking spiritual awakenings through music remains a central theme in his life and work. His journey reflects his relentless pursuit of creating music that fosters a connection with the divine.

Alexander Pappas’ Time with Hillsong Young & Free

Alexander first gained significant recognition as a key member of Hillsong Young & Free. There, he co-wrote several of the group’s hits, including “Alive” and “End of Days.” His talent for crafting anthemic worship songs quickly became evident. Pappas’s contributions helped propel the group’s albums, such as 2013’s We Are Young & Free and 2018’s III, to international acclaim. Following his successful tenure with Young & Free, he signed with Capitol Records and began his solo career.

Solo Career and Impact

Issuing his debut EP, IDAHO, in 2021, Alexander Pappas followed up with a seven-track album, AMERICAN DREAM, in late 2022. These releases showcased his evolution as an artist, blending deep spiritual themes with personal reflection. Pappas’s solo work continues to resonate within the global Church, providing uplifting and inspiring worship experiences. His commitment to his craft and his faith is evident in every song he writes and performs.

New Releases and Current Work

Today, Alexander Pappas celebrates the release of his latest worship song, “A Great Awakening,” marking his first new song in over 1.5 years. This track stands out as his first solo worship song since his time with Hillsong Young & Free and Hillsong Worship. Pappas describes “A Great Awakening” as not just a song, but a prayer, hoping to spark a profound longing for spiritual revival. The release coincides with the premiere of the movie “Multiplied,” which will feature a music video for the song in over 1300 cinemas across the U.S.

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New Release from Alexander Pappas

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