Cody Carnes: How to Lead a Worship Team that Values People over Performance

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Cody Carnes


Are you struggling to find the balance between performance excellence and caring for your worship team? You’re not alone.  Cody Carnes knows all about this struggle!

Today Cody Carnes shares what he’s learned about leading a team that values PEOPLE over performance.

Discover how to foster relationships and create an atmosphere where team members flourish.

If you’re ready to grow a team that thrives on connection and not just performance, this is a perfect episode for you.

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Cody’s Bio

Cody Carnes is no stranger to the world of worship. With over 15 years of experience, he’s brought to life anthems like “Run To The Father” and “Christ Be Magnified” that echo in our Sunday services. Together with his wife, Kari Jobe, he’s led worship in places all around the globe.

The new album

Recently, Cody released his fifth full-length album, “Firm Foundation (Live),” and if you thought he was slowing down, you’d be mistaken. This three-time GRAMMY® nominee has an exciting journey ahead, from headlining his tour to leading powerful nights of encounter in Europe with his wife, Kari Jobe, this fall.

“Firm Foundation” isn’t just another album for Cody. Recorded at The Belonging Co., where Cody and Kari call home, these songs have become lifelines for many, extending an invitation to connect with Jesus.

Cody Carnes’ journey through anxiety and fear led to a commitment of singing his way out of the storm. “Firm Foundation” was born from this resolve. Joining forces with other artists like Chandler Moore and David Leonard, Cody’s new album offers a fusion of modern and timeless anthems. It’s more than just an album – it’s a reflection of his personal walk with God.

Overall, Cody Carnes’s objective is clear: “My goal in what I do is to bless God and serve people. Those are my objectives,” he says, “as a worship leader, as a songwriter, and as an artist.” And it’s safe to say that he’s achieving that goal, as his words and melodies resonate with believers around the world.

Mentioned in the Episode

Cody’s New Release

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