Ellie Holcomb: Cultivate Peace Amidst Chaos

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Ellie Holcomb


Struggling through life’s valleys and facing giants can feel insurmountable. Life rarely goes “up-and-to-the-right,” so how do we find strength and peace? Join us as Ellie Holcomb shares profound insights from her journey—transforming hardships into victories with the power of “fighting words” drawn from Scripture.

Discover how declaring truth can shift the battleground of your mind, even when your heart is overwhelmed.

Embark on this transformative journey with us; let Ellie’s wisdom inspire you to harness the strength of Scripture in your darkest hours.

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Ellie Holcomb’s Bio

Ellie Holcomb, born Elizabeth Asher Bannister, welcomed the world in the heart of music city, Nashville, Tennessee, on September 12, 1982. With Brown Bannister as her father, a renowned music producer, Ellie’s childhood resonated with melodies and harmonies. She flourished in this artistic environment, shaping her path in music. Ellie’s educational journey took her from Christ Presbyterian Academy to the University of Tennessee. Here, she not only honed her academic skills but also met her future husband and bandmate, Drew Holcomb.

Love and Music Intertwined

Ellie Holcomb and Drew Holcomb’s paths crossed at the University of Tennessee, marking the beginning of a lifelong duet. Their union in 2006 was more than matrimonial; it was a musical fusion, birthing Ellie’s involvement in ‘Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.’ Nashville, the city that cradled her talent, became the backdrop of their family life and artistic endeavors, nurturing the growth of their three children and their music.

Ellie’s Solo Journey in Music

Ellie Holcomb’s venture into her solo career in 2011 was a bold step from her ensemble performances. Her debut, the ‘Magnolia EP,’ showcased her unique voice, immediately capturing the hearts of many and marking her presence on the Billboard charts. Her musical narrative continued with ‘With You Now,’ reaching significant heights in the Christian Albums chart. The release of ‘As Sure as the Sun’ in 2014 solidified Ellie’s place in the music world, earning her the title of Best New Artist at the GMA Dove Awards.
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Triumphs and Trials

The release of ‘Red Sea Road’ in 2017 was a testament to Ellie Holcomb’s resilience and familial bonds. Produced during her father’s battle with cancer, the album was a beacon of hope and strength for many. Chart-topping singles from this album resonated with listeners worldwide, showcasing Ellie’s ability to connect through her music.

Beyond Music: Nurturing Young Minds

Ellie Holcomb’s passion for impacting lives extends beyond her music. In 2018, she ventured into children’s literature and music, introducing ‘Sing: Creation Songs’ and ‘Who Sang the First Song?’ Her work continues to inspire and educate young minds, making her a versatile artist and storyteller.

Ellie Holcomb’s Most Recent Release

Ellie Holcomb’s latest release, “All of My Days,” weaves a tapestry of selected Psalms that have been her pillars in challenging times. This album also echoes the encouragement shared in her “Memory Mondays,” where she sets Scripture verses to music weekly. To listen to that record, click here!

Empowering Through Words: “Fighting Words Devotional Book”

Ellie Holcomb’s ‘Fighting Words Devotional Book’ transcends music, offering solace and strength through written word. This work invites readers into a personal journey, combating darkness with the light of God’s Word. It’s a testament to Ellie’s multifaceted talent and her commitment to uplifting others in all seasons of life.

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Ellie’s New Record & Book

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