Episode 107 • The Power of Vulnerable Worship with Sean Curran (Passion)

  • Feb 27th, 2020

This week we are so excited to be joined by worship leader and songwriter, Sean Curran of Passion City Church in Atlanta, to talk about the power of vulnerability in the context of worship.

Sean Curran is a vital part of Passion and sixstepsrecords/Capitol Christian Music Group and his first solo EP, Bigger Than I Thought, released in June of 2019. Since 2017, Curran has been part of leading worship at Passion Conference and is featured on Passion albums, including: Follow You Anywhere, Whole Heart, and Worthy of Your Name. He’s also a writer on songs such as “Bigger than I Thought,” “Whole Heart,” “Glorious Day,” and “Step Into the Light”.

In episode 107, Sean lays down some harsh truths about what it really takes to be a worship leader, and why vulnerability is really the key to breakthrough. Vulnerability is the language and nature of God and is our greatest weapon to tear down the barriers and expectations we have for ourselves and others.

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