Episode 109 • 5 Ways to Empower Your Youth Worship Team with Bryson Breakey

  • Mar 12th, 2020

“We have an opportunity, in this gap of that 10-14 age and even going into high school as they’re figuring out these formative ideas about their identify, if we can start putting some of these things in place now, we have a lifelong return on those dividends, we have a lifelong investment that we’ve just made. It has the potential to reach generations if we are stewarding well. “ – Pastor Bryson Breakey

In episode 109 we are honored to be joined by Youth Pastor of Bethel World Outreach Church, Bryson Breakey, to talk about empowering youth worship teams. Bryson has nearly 15 years of Youth Group experience and has done an incredible job of leading his church’s youth group, and growing it into a successful and passionate community.

Listen in as we share stories of what has worked or what hasn’t and breakdown 5 ways to have a deeper impact on the future of your youth group and church.

To keep up with all that Bryson Breakey is doing with Bethel Worship Outreach Church, follow @BrysonBreakey and @Bethel.YTH on Instagram!

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