Episode 112 • Choosing Worship with Chris Llewellyn from Rend Collective

  • Written By 
  • Libby Lewis

In episode 112 we are honored to be joined by Chris Llewellyn from Rend Collective of Northern Ireland to talk about the importance of choosing to worship despite our circumstance.

We recorded this episode a few days before the Coronavirus hit the United States hard, and since then, our entire world has changed. Despite what we didn’t know, this episode comes at exactly the right time. With millions of people unemployed and hundreds of thousands infected and dying, now more than ever, we need to worship.

“Life is hard. Worship will not always or even usually be our default setting…but like a pilot encountering dangerous landing conditions, when these storms gather over us we have to switch off autopilot, wrestle back the controls and manually, intentionally choose worship. Because God is still worthy in the valley. He is good when life is not. And that’s the anchor of our souls.” -Chris Llewellyn from Rend Collective

Don’t miss this powerful episode as we unpack what it takes to worship in the valley, and talk about the heart behind their new album, “Choose to Worship” out now!

“This album is an invitation into the spiritual discipline that we have been living as a community of building altars of praise in the darkness, trusting that whether or not the dawn comes, worship is still our sacred duty – and privilege. We hope this album gives you a vocabulary so that you can sing from the shackles, lift an anthem of defiance against your circumstances, and raise a shout of joy that demoralizes the enemy in his attempts to silence you. We hope that nothing will ever steal your song. We hope that you will join us in choosing worship.” –Rend Collective

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