Episode 116 • Jesus Culture: Bringing Hope in the Unknown

  • Apr 30th, 2020


“With all the world is facing right now, I think we all need to remember that ‘everything will change, so I will not fear. Fear is such a familiar feeling for humans so we need to constantly remind our spirits that God is the source of peace and courage, fear is not what God has to offer, it’s what the world offers. Something we always need is hope and especially now more than ever. . . We are clinging to so much information and news and statistics, but those things always fail us. When we cling to hope, we are never disappointed.” -Derek Johnson

In episode 116 we are honored to be joined by Kim Walker-Smith, Derek Johnson, and Jake Ithurburn from Jesus Culture!

Jesus Culture is a church community of revivalists whose heart is to see a generation impacted through encounters with the Presence of God. The Jesus Culture movement began 20 years ago and continues today at their local church in Sacramento, California. Jesus Culture is focused on equipping young and old to transform society by living in community, growing in the Word of God, discipleship, and living lives surrendered to Jesus in passionate worship.

Today, the passionate desire to serve the body of Christ and to see the Church rise up and wholeheartedly pursue Jesus, is stronger than ever.

On April 24th, Jesus Culture released a brand-new live album, Church Volume One (Live), available here!

“Our prayer is that these songs would serve as a weapon for the Church in this time. Our praise and our worship is powerful and it is a weapon to dispel lies and fear. We pray that these songs become the backdrop for many encounters with Jesus and put words to the prayers and cries of hearts.”  – Kim Walker-Smith

Listen in as we talk with Jesus Culture about how they have adapted their church services, how to remain generous, slowing down, and most of all, how to bring hope in the unknown.

Listen in and join the conversation!

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