Episode 120 • Bringing Unity and Kingdom Mindset Amidst Racial Injustice

  • May 28th, 2020


There are no words that can capture the heartache we all feel after hearing of the unjustifiable killing of George Floyd.

Racism is evil. It should not exist. It is not from God.

It shouldn’t take video after video for our country to take responsibility for the amount of evil and prejudice that still exists in America today.

On Monday, May 25 in Minneapolis, 46-year-old George Floyd was killed by a white police officer who pinned him to the ground for over 8 minutes until he could no longer breathe. The encounter was caught on a viral video that has since sparked national outrage over the amount of racial injustice that still exists in this nation.

Our guest this week, Ryan Williams, is an incredibly gifted songwriter, worship pastor, and lead singer of the worship group River Valley Worship, a faith-filled collection of artists based out of River Valley Church, with locations all around the greater Minneapolis region

The timing of this podcast was nothing short of the work of the Holy Spirit, with Ryan’s home church just minutes from where George Floyd was killed and where the ever-growing riots are currently taking place. In light of that, we felt led to completely scrap our original plan and talk about bringing unity and Kingdom mindset amidst racial injustice.

Ryan also shares how when writing their newest record, “Altars”, every edit and change they decided to make was perfectly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. For such a time as this. 

Don’t miss this powerful episode and be sure to listen to “Altars” by River Valley Worship now available!

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