Episode 134 • Josh Baldwin: Writing Songs that Change Lives

  • Sep 24th, 2020


Writing for corporate worship can feel like a daunting task because ultimately, you’re finding a new way to say what’s already been said. Our job as writers is to re-present ancient truths of who God is.

How you go about doing that in a fresh way is the battle.

Great worship songwriting helps people find the words they’ve been looking for to say to the Lord. They also teach theology that gets embedded into the DNA of our spirits.

In this episode, Bethel Music artist Josh Baldwin shares with us about his songwriting journey and the things that have helped him along the way.

It all starts by actually having something to say & then saying it in the unique voice that God has given you.

This is what we love about Josh. He writes about the revelations he’s received about God & what he knows the Lord wants to say to the church, in a way that sounds like Josh from North Carolina.

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