Episode 143 • PLANETSHAKERS: Why Does Praise Matter?

  • Dec 3rd, 2020


Have you ever been in a time of Worship and had zero desire to engage in praising?

We see praise mentioned almost 200 times in scripture. Repetition in scripture communicates that something important is taking place.

So, what’s so important about praise?

Our guests this week are known for being a people of praise.

Since their first album released in 2000, PLANETSHAKERS have been an incredible image of what it means to be a people of adoration and praise.

Praise & adoration is something we must consistently & intentionally place in our sets.

Our friends, Joth Hunt and Pastor Sam Evans of PLANETSHAKERS, do an incredible job of sharing powerful insights for why praise matters.

Mentioned in the Episode

PLANETSHAKERS New Album “It’s Christmas” LIVE

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