Episode 26 • How To Run An Efficient Sound Check

  • May 31st, 2018

Common issues that come up during worship rehearsals can typically be avoided with a good soundcheck. In this episode, Shalon and Brenton talk about effective ways to troubleshoot and not just get thru soundcheck, but how to maximize that time for the benefit of your entire team.

The key to a good soundcheck is consistency. Try to repeat the same system every time. Communicate clearly and take note of what you need when you’re playing so you can effectively make your changes known when it’s your turn.

Some key tips:

• Take turns communicating changes to your monitor engineer… it can be very frustrating when everyone is trying to communicate all at once. Mostly for the engineer, but also for the team. And more than likely, all of the changes won’t get made because he or she will be stressed… SO… have a system! Communicate one at a time, or have one person on stage designated to communicating the changes for everyone.

• Play thru a whole song first, then make changes. Keep track in your head of what you need up and down in your mix.

• If your mix always sounds muddy, instead of constantly turning things up, what can you turn down? – Common misconception.

• Get a Front Of House (FOH) mix first, then tweak ears. The sound guys will always want to set gains and EQ’s to make sure the source sounds good before making changes to mixes.

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