Episode 68 • Succeeding in Spontaneous Worship

  • Written By 
  • Libby Lewis
  • Apr 11th, 2019

In Episode 68 we are honored to be joined by the newest member of the Worship Online team, Daniel Dauwe! Daniel is an incredible guitarist with years of experience as a touring musician and has played for artists such as Jason Upton and Bethel Music.

Shameless plug! If you play guitar, be sure to check out his tutorials and sign up for a free account at www.worshiponline.com.

Today we are diving into a topic that Daniel is VERY familiar with, spontaneous worship! Spontaneous worship, despite what many may think, takes a lot of practice. It’s not an excuse to show up unprepared, but rather an opportunity to completely trust the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Tune in as we uncover 5 big ways you and your team can be more successful when it comes to spontaneous worship.

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