Episode 71 • PreachersNSneakers – Should Church Leaders Wear Luxury Clothes?

  • May 2nd, 2019

In episode 71, we’re tackling one of the most controversial topics right now, @preachersnsneakers!

For those who haven’t heard the hype, around a month ago an Instagram account was created showcasing influential church leaders next to a screenshot of the possible resale value of their shoes. Some of which were up to $5,500 resale value. Naturally, the internet broke and comments about them being “fake Christians” who abuse tithing money in their megachurches spread like a plague.

So today we’re joined by Libby Lewis, Jordan Holt & Brenton Miles to have an honest discussion of what this Instagram account has really exposed. Be sure to listen in!

Also, check out our latest blog titled Should Church Leaders Wear Hype Clothing? Written by Jordan Holt.

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