Episode 76 • Experiential Songwriting with Pat Barrett

  • Jun 6th, 2019

This week we are honored to be joined by singer/songwriter and worship leader, Pat Barrett! Pat Barrett is one of the lead singers of Housefires and has written countless hits including “Build my Life,” “The Way” and “Good Good Father.” He’s also the very first artist to be signed to Chris Tomlin’s new label through which he released his first ever solo album.

In episode 76, we’re talking all about the process of songwriting, and how to find new words and metaphors to share our experiences.

“I’m at the mercy of the moment in a lot of ways with writing. If I’m going through change, I’m probably going to write about change. If I’m worrying about how financially things are going to work in the future, I’ll probably write about that.” – Pat Barrett

Don’t miss this episode! And be sure to check out Pat’s latest album here!

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