Episode 86 • Confessions of a Worship Leader (at a Megachurch)

  • Aug 15th, 2019

In episode 86 we’re sitting down with Robbie Reider (National Worship Director for Crossroads Church) along with Justin Mosteller (Worship Leader for Crossroads Church).

Crossroads Music is a collective of worship artists from Crossroads Church based in Cincinnati, Ohio who write music to help their community and the Church connect with God in new ways. Recently named the fastest-growing and third-largest church in the country, the community of 30,000 gathers in 13 locations in Ohio and Kentucky, along with Crossroads Anywhere.

In today’s podcast, we’re tackling some of the hardest situations that worship leaders face. Even in times of loss, tragedy, and suffering, there are moments where the Church may let you down. We’ve even seen people who have used lyrics or scripture to manipulate someone’s journey or justify their pain.

Robbie and Justin are two incredible worship leaders who have walked through more than most, and we’re so thankful they have taken the time to share their stories of grief and healing while working in the ministry.

Don’t miss this powerful episode, and stay tuned for Part II of “Confessions of a Worship Leader” coming next week!

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