Episode 89 • The Problem With Coldplay: And Their Effect on Modern Worship

  • Sep 5th, 2019

Last week we released a blog called “The Problem with Coldplay: and Their Effect on Modern Worship“. The response we got back was absolutely incredible and led us to take this topic even deeper and onto the podcast!

It’s not uncommon to hear Coldplay played in soundcheck at church or to hear comments such as “That part sounds just like Coldplay, I love it,” or “Coldplay is life,” throughout the week.

My guess is that if you are a worship musician, there is a good chance that you like Coldplay…and you should because they are a great band!

So, then what’s the problem?

Well, with Coldplay, absolutely nothing.

Our perspective and digestion? That’s a different story.

In episode 89, Brenton Miles, Jordan Holt, and Libby Lewis share their feedback on Coldplay and their effect on modern worship. Has their influence helped or hurt the progression of modern worship? Listen in now!

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