Evan Craft: Discovering Your Role in Making Your God-Given Dreams a Reality

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  • Josh Kluge


Evan Craft

Do you have big dreams from the Lord that you want to see come to life? Our guest Evan Craft can definitely resonate!

In this episode, Evan Craft shares the hard work and sacrifices required to bring your God-given visions to life.

Whether you’re a worship leader, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone with a dream in your heart, this conversation is for you.

Our conversation is packed with powerful insights

Today we talk about the often-overlooked simple key that can make all the difference in turning your God-given vision into reality.

We know this conversation will inspire you to take the next step toward your God-given calling and encourage you to trust in the process even when the journey gets tough.

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About Evan Craft

A Christian pop singer, Evan Craft has gained popularity for his original praise and worship music in both English and Spanish. In 2012, he broke through with his debut album Yo Soy Segundo. This album landed at number ten on the Latin Pop Albums chart. Over the years, he has remained a popular performer across the Latin and Christian genres.

He has also collaborated with renowned artists such as Matt Redman and Elevation Worship. Evan Craft’s proficiency in Spanish enabled him to assist his father in running a homeless shelter in Los Angeles. He furthered his linguistic studies in college, where he began writing songs in Spanish.

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Evan Craft’s Release

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