Gas Street Music: The Ripple Effect of Empowerment

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Gas Street Music

Discover the power of empowerment in worship leadership in this compelling episode with Nick Herbert of Gas Street Music.

Learn how focusing on empowering the spiritual giftings within your team can amplify your reach and impact.

Understand the role of great leaders in ministry to disciple and develop others’ abilities.

If you want to see your ministry’s impact grow beyond your personal capacity, this episode is a must-listen!

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About Gas Street Music

Gas Street Music is the vibrant sound of Gas Street Church in Birmingham, UK. As a community, Gas Street Music holds a deep desire to worship God and see His Kingdom come. They believe that every area of life should be woven in worship, leading people wholeheartedly into an encounter with Jesus. This belief drives their mission and their music, creating a unique and heartfelt worship experience. Gas Street Music is passionate about cultivating a worship culture that impacts both their church and the wider community.

Worship Leaders and Songwriters at Gas Street Music

Gas Street Music features an incredible team of worship leaders and songwriters, including Tim Hughes, Luke & Anna Hellebronth, Nick Herbert, Michael Shannon, and Millie Tilby. These talented individuals, along with new voices, contribute to the legacy of writing and leading songs that inspire personal devotion and gathered expression. Gas Street Music’s new releases reflect the rich diversity of their church community. Their music continues to resonate deeply within and beyond their congregation.

A New Season

Building on the foundations of Worship Central, a global movement dedicated to training and resourcing the Church, Gas Street Music is entering an exciting new season. They sense that the time is right to unlock their heart cry and create space for their community and city to be filled with songs and sounds of life. This new season is marked by a fresh outpouring of creativity and spiritual fervor. Gas Street Music is dedicated to writing songs that not only resonate within their church but also reach the broader community. Their vision is to be a light for the city and beyond.

The Story of Gas Street Church

In 2014, Tim & Rachel Hughes, along with a small team, relocated from Holy Trinity Brompton in London to launch a new church in Birmingham’s city center. Gas Street Church began with a small group gathering mid-week in their home. As they grew, they met in various venues, including the Diocese offices, a solicitor’s boardroom, and Jongleurs’ Comedy Club. They eventually moved into their current home, a renovated gas retort warehouse on Gas Street, officially launching on February 5, 2016. The building’s history as an industrial site for manufacturing gas used to power street lamps across the city provided a compelling narrative and prophetic picture for the church.

A Church That Gathers and Scatters

Gas Street Church believes they are here to be a light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. They gather on Sundays, in Groups, and Teams to worship, pray, and grow as disciples. Their gatherings are a time for community, sharing stories, and creating an environment where people from all walks of life can come and see. After gathering, they scatter as light-bearers, peacemakers, and joy-bringers, impacting their city and beyond. Gas Street Music’s mission aligns with this vision, as they seek to spread the love and truth of the gospel through their worship.

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