Hannah Hobbs on The Way You Lead a Song can Actually Change Lives

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How Hannah Hobbs leads songs in a life changing way:

As worship leaders, we have a unique responsibility to not just lead people in song, but to facilitate a transformative worship experience. However, literal life change can take place because of the songs we sing! God uses song to heal, to encourage, to challenge, and to shape our understanding of who He is. Our guest, Hannah Hobbs, knows all about this!

Today we talk with Hannah Hobbs about creating worship experiences that have the power to literally change lives through song.

In addition, we share tips & strategies for leading worship that are not only inspiring but also deeply transformative for your church. For instance, find people in your congregation to declare specific lyrics to.

In conclusion, we are excited to have Hannah on the show. And we know you will greatly benefit from our conversation.

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Hannah’s Bio

Hannah Hobbs is a songwriter, worship leader and musician. She’s written many worship songs that are sung all around the world, including “Touch of Heaven”, “Thank You Jesus”, “God Song” and “Never Walk Alone”,

Above all, Hannah’s desire is to see local churches singing songs that are rich in scripture, glorifying Jesus and telling stories of the people of God.

Hannah first made a decision for Christ at 13 years of age when a friend invited her to church! After that, she began serving on the worship team at her church. Here she honed her craft by serving as a guitarist, worship leader, and songwriter in the local youth ministry. In other words, it was Hannah’s love for the Lord that laid the early seeds that eventually lead her to becoming a songwriter and worship artist.

Mentioned in the Episode

Hannah Hobbs New Release “Sundown”

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