Prioritizing Relationships Can Help You Build a Thriving Church Community w/ Jonathan Traylor

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Jonathan Traylor

Are you looking for ways to build and grow your church community? This is something that Jonathan Traylor continues to think about and take action towards.

As a leader, I’ve seen firsthand how important it is to prioritize relationships within our teams.

Sure, we may have great worship & sermons, but without strong relationships, we’re missing a key ingredient to truly thriving as a community.

In our conversation with Jonathan Traylor, we explore how fostering strong relationships can unlock a more vibrant and connected community.

Discover an easy but impactful way to make people feel truly valued.

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Jonathan Traylor’s Bio

Jonathan Traylor is a singer/songwriter, producer/musician, and dancer who is bringing new energy to the faith-based music scene. He grew up listening to Kirk Franklin and Tye Tribbett and was inspired by their ability to infuse the culture with the message of the Gospel. Jonathan’s unapologetically wild sound and style aim to connect everyone and bring them to the table. He writes songs as an outlet for his emotion and to reach audiences inside and outside of the local church.

As a performer…

He is a powerhouse of passion, expressing himself through inspiring tracks and dance. Audiences at his shows have come to expect high-energy performances that feel like a big family reunion. He recently signed a record deal with Motown Gospel and is excited to share his powerful messages with a new generation. Jonathan’s music is appealing and relatable as he is not afraid to pull from his own trials, no matter how personal they are.

His music in your church

If you’re a worship leader looking for fresh, authentic, and inspiring music to lead your congregation in worship, you won’t want to miss out on Jonathan’s music. As an expert worship leader with two decades of experience coaching and mentoring others, Jonathan’s passion for leading worship is palpable in every note he sings and every chord he plays. His music is designed to draw people closer to God and create a powerful, transformative worship experience. So, if you’re looking for music that will elevate your worship service and inspire your team, be sure to check out Jonathan’s music today!
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Mentioned in the Episode 

Jonathan Traylor’s New EP

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