Josh Wilson: Maintaining Mental Health as a Ministry Leader

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Josh Wilson


Today, we have a transformative conversation on mental health with worship artist Josh Wilson, tailored specifically for ministry leaders.

Explore the often unspoken struggles of mental health in ministry, where the joy of soul-fulfilling leadership meets the challenges of emotional exhaustion and isolation.

Learn practical strategies to find safe spaces, embrace vulnerability, and pursue the transformative power of renewing your mind while leading others.

This empowering discussion with Josh Wilson will equip you with the encouragement and tools to take the next step toward greater peace and healing in your mental health journey.

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About Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson is a talented contemporary Christian music artist, renowned for his heartfelt songwriting and captivating performances. Known for his humility and genuine connection with fans, Josh Wilson continues to inspire audiences worldwide. He strives to write songs that he needs to hear, in hopes that others might need to hear them too. Josh’s music offers a glimpse into his journey of faith, struggles, and triumphs, providing peace and encouragement to his listeners.

Personal Struggles and Triumphs

Josh Wilson has been on a significant mental health journey over the past decade. He has struggled with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, alcohol addiction, and chronic physical pain. All of which have taken a toll on his mental and spiritual health. Initially trying to handle these issues alone, he has since embraced a holistic approach that includes prayer, meditation, church, medication, exercise, therapy, healthy eating, and the support of family and friends. Josh is about seven years sober from alcohol! Though he still faces anxiety at times, it is more manageable now.

The Early Life of Josh Wilson

Born in Lubbock, Texas, Josh Wilson showed a natural gift for music from a young age. He began playing piano at nine, then added guitar and drums to his repertoire by the age of ten. During his high school years, he continued to hone his musicianship. Eventually, he moved to Nashville and fell in love with songwriting while attending Belmont University. Despite being an introvert with an aversion to the spotlight, Josh’s talent and dedication led him to a successful career in music.

Musical Journey and Achievements

Josh Wilson’s debut album, “Trying to Fit the Ocean in a Cup,” was released in 2008, marking the start of his professional journey. Since signing his first record deal with Sparrow in 2006, he has become a staple at radio, amassing multiple top 10 Billboard hits, including “Savior, Please,” “I Refuse,” “Fall Apart,” “Carry Me,” “Before the Morning,” “That Was Then, This Is Now,” “Dream Small,” and “Revolutionary.” He has toured with some of the genre’s biggest acts, including Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Matthew West, and Casting Crowns. As a multi-instrumentalist and live-looping enthusiast, Josh is known for playing and recording as many as 20 instruments on stage at any given time.

Josh Wilson’s “Mental Help” Album and New Music

Josh Wilson is entering a season of new music with a new 11-track LP titled “Mental Help” now available to download and stream. This poignant album was inspired by his struggles with anxiety, depression, and alcohol addiction. The goal of this album is to be a source of encouragement and support for those dealing with mental health issues. “Mental Help” is the most personal project Josh has ever written, with songs about anxiety, depression, addiction, loss, and through it all, hope. He wants everyone to remember that there is always hope and help. God loves you and isn’t mad at you. Truly.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

Josh Wilson is passionate about giving back and uses his influence to support various charitable causes. He is actively involved in organizations that focus on mental health, reflecting his commitment to helping others. His advocacy extends to promoting kindness and understanding, both through his music and personal efforts. Josh frequently participates in benefit concerts and fundraisers, using his talents to make a difference. His dedication to philanthropy underscores his character and values.

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