Uncovering the Hidden Insecurities that Might be Sabotaging Your Leadership w/ Journey Worship Co.

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  • Josh Kluge


Journey Worship Co.

Ever wondered why some worship teams seem healthier than others? Our guest this week, Journey Worship Co., reveals how the answer might come down to the health of the Worship Leader.

We discuss why leading from insecurity can erode authenticity, impede spiritual growth, create team friction, and shift your focus from genuine worship to mere performance.

Journey Worship Co. shares invaluable insights into breaking the cycle of approval-seeking behavior and leading from a place of divine empowerment.

Key Insights:

  • The pitfalls of leading from insecurity

  • How your mindset affects not just you but your entire team

  • Why seeking human approval leads to a shaky foundation

  • The transformative power of grounding your leadership in God’s approval

About Journey Worship Co.

Hey, let me give you the lowdown on Journey Worship Co., an incredible team that’s really close to my heart. So, these guys are a group of worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters, all hailing from The Journey Church in Lebanon, TN, just outside Nashville. Their mission is crystal clear: they’re all about writing, recording, and leading songs that pack both biblical integrity and creative punch. They aim for truth and clarity, which I think every worship leader can appreciate, right?

What started their writing process

Now, 2020 was a game-changer for all of us. Everything was on pause, and Brett Perkins, who’s the Worship Pastor at The Journey Church, took that quiet moment to do a deep dive. He looked at what kind of worship songs were out there, and guess what he found? A lot of tunes that were super creative but kind of vague on the content side. And that’s a slippery slope, my friend. So, Brett rallied a team of pastors and writers from Journey Worship Co. to recalibrate and focus on songs that were both truthful and beautiful, specifically for the people of their church.

Since they started this journey in the fall of 2020, Journey Worship Co. has been on fire!

They’ve dropped two full-length live albums, cooked up an album just for kids, and even threw in an acoustic EP called “Green Room Sessions.” Talk about diversifying! They’ve toured all over the eastern U.S., and churches worldwide are singing their songs. Plus, they’ve got a Christmas album in the pipeline for this holiday season. Don’t forget to check out their music on all your go-to streaming platforms and YouTube.

So, if you’re a worship leader looking for inspiration, definitely keep an eye on what Journey Worship Co. is up to. They’re making waves in the right direction.

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Journey Worship Co’s New Release

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