Kirby Kaple: Creating a Culture of Personal & Spiritual Growth

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Kirby Kaple


It’s undeniable that the culture of a team is directly connected to the health of its leader.

Discover the impact authentic leadership has on you and the team you lead in this episode with Kirby Kaple.

Kirby shares her story about how embracing your true self, getting into your story, can transform your leadership and inspire your team to live more authentically.

Learn how to guide your worship team to a deeper connection with God and themselves by modeling authenticity on and off the stage.

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About Kirby Kaple

Kirby Kaple is a talented songwriter and dedicated worship pastor. As a key member of the worship collective Housefires, Kirby Kaple has contributed to numerous impactful worship songs. Notable projects include “Build My Life” by Housefires, “You Keep On Getting Better” by Maverick City Music, and “I’ll Give Thanks” by Housefires. Kirby Kaple’s songwriting reflects her deep passion for worship and her desire to lead others into meaningful encounters with God. She serves as the worship pastor at Grace Midtown in Atlanta, where she partners with her husband Rob, the lead pastor.

Kirby Kaple’s Role in Housefires

Kirby Kaple is an integral part of Housefires, a worship collective based in Atlanta, Georgia. Housefires, known for its raw and authentic worship style, originated at Grace Midtown Church. The church had previously released worship albums under the name Grace Midtown, led by Pat Barrett and others. In 2014, the formation of Housefires, with Kirby Kaple as a worship pastor, marked a shift towards a more stripped-down musical style. Kirby Kaple’s involvement brought a fresh and dynamic energy to the collective.

Worship Pastoring at Grace Midtown

At Grace Midtown, Kirby Kaple plays a vital role in leading worship and nurturing the spiritual growth of the congregation. Together with her husband Rob, she fosters an environment where worship is a central part of church life. Their leadership emphasizes authenticity and a deep connection with God. Kirby Kaple’s heart for worship extends beyond the church walls, as she seeks to inspire and equip other worship leaders. Her influence is felt both locally at Grace Midtown and globally through her work with Housefires.

Kirby Kaple’s Journey and Vision

Kirby Kaple’s journey as a worship leader and songwriter continues to evolve. Her commitment to authentic worship and her desire to see others encounter God remain at the forefront of her ministry. As a member of Housefires and worship pastor at Grace Midtown, Kirby Kaple is dedicated to creating spaces where people can experience the transformative power of worship. Her vision is to see people discover who they truly are, get into their story, and step into what she calls “holy narcissism”- having a healthy self-awareness and authenticity that allows you to lead and live genuinely, inviting Jesus into that place and story. It’s a powerful way to live, and Kirby is passionate about seeing people step into this.

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