Laura Hackett-Park: Experience Deeper Worship by Eliminating This One Major Obstacle

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Laura Hackett-Park


Are you or your congregation struggling to break through in your worship experience? This episode is a must listen! Laura Hackett-Park shares about the greatest stumbling block in achieving profound worship experiences.

The life most aligned with greater depths and freedom in worship is continually willing to self-examine, repent, and move forward in transformation.

In this episode, Laura Hackett-Park’s vulnerability and wisdom offer a roadmap to true freedom in worship through the practice of daily repentance.

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Laura Hackett-Park’s Bio

Laura Hackett-Park is a seasoned recording artist, songwriter, and worship leader based in Kansas City. Alongside her husband Jonas Park, they lead a dynamic songwriting community and have even launched their own independent label, Arrowhead Music. Laura has been a core leader at the International House of Prayer since 2003, amassing nearly 10,000 hours of live worship sets.

Her songwriting

Laura Hackett-Park’s approach to writing is deeply rooted in her spiritual conversations with Jesus, aiming for authentic expression in her work. She’s not only penned her own songs but has recently enjoyed the community aspect of co-writing. Their label’s short film, “The Secret Place,” encapsulates her intimate moments of prayer and is intended to guide viewers toward peace and connection with Jesus.

With an impressive catalog and collaborations with industry leaders like Brown Bannister and Ben Shive, Laura’s songs reache wide and deep. Her most popular song “You Satisfy My Soul” has garnered over 1.3M Spotify streams. Educated at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Laura also imparts her wisdom through teaching Vocal Performance and Prophetic Musicianship. At the core of it all, Laura Hackett-Park’s passion for worship stems from her desire to serve Jesus. Her utmost desire is to help others foster a closer relationship with Him.

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