3 Uncommon Skills Every Great Worship Leader Masters w/ Mission House

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  • Josh Kluge

Mission House of Worship Leadership

Possessing incredible vocal and instrumental talent does not make you a great worship leader. In fact, it’s pretty far down on the list.

If you want to be a great worship leader, there are a few uncommon skills you must master.

In this episode, we link up with Jess Ray of Mission House and dive deep into 3 uncommon skills that can help sharpen you as a worship leader and worship ministry as a whole!

We know you’ll leave this conversation with the tools necessary for growth so you can lead with impact and confidence.

Dive into our episode with Mission House now and explore actionable steps that can propel you forward as a worship leader, regardless of any special talents.

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About Mission House

Mission House is the creative delta birthed from a tight-knit community of friends. Comprising North Carolina artists Jess Ray and Taylor Leonhardt, this folk-rock duo’s friendship blossomed when they met in their hometown of Raleigh five years ago. These two were united not only by their musical styles and tastes but also on a spiritual level. Mission House began performing together and hosting weekly gatherings centered around sharing meals and worshipping together. It was during these gatherings that they started writing songs that resonated with their community. The goal: songs that offer a fresh perspective while staying true to their singer/songwriter roots.

The Vision of the Project

Taylor and Jess express their ultimate desire for their music to bring the reality of Jesus into people’s lives. They aim to provide listeners with a new language and avenues to connect with God. Their simple, joyful, folk/rock worship music creates a tangible space for intimacy. Overall, fostering a sense of belonging and peace in the presence of their Creator is their desire.

Altogether for Mission House, this is more than just a musical endeavor. It’s a movement of friendship and a reflection of God’s love within the melodies they create.

Join them on this journey as Mission House sets out to touch hearts and lives with their unique sound. Welcome to the world of Mission House, where the love of God intertwines with captivating melodies.

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