The Importance of Asking Good Questions with Leslie Jordan

  • Written By 
  • Josh Kluge



Has the fear of if you’ll go to heaven or hell when you die OR the shame of your sin crippled you with fear and worry?

If this is you, you are not alone!

Today we join Leslie Jordan to talk about the unhealthy ways the church has preached fear and shame to try and see life change take place.

As a pastor I’ll be the first to say, I got this wrong many times.

For many, it often comes from a pure place of genuinely not wanting people to experience the consequences of their sin.

But sadly, we’ve seen it cause a generation of people to obsessively worry about sin, if they’ll go to heaven or hell, & miss Jesus completely.

This life of anxious worry is not the life that Jesus has for you!

Join us in today’s conversation as we explore fear and shame and a lot of things we as the church have missed the mark on.

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