Improve Every Area of Your Worship Team with a Feedback Culture w/ Rock City Worship

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Rock City Worship


Ready to elevate every area of your worship team? Implementing a culture of constructive feedback will get your there. Today, Rock City Worship shares about the impact their culture of feedback is having on their entire community.

Imagine a future where regular evaluation and open communication lead to unparalleled growth in every area of your team. By dedicating time for feedback, watch as skills sharpen, relationships deepen, and your worship experiences inevitably become more impactful.

Listen to Rock City Worship’s inspiring conversation today and start implementing a culture of feedback that fosters growth and excellence.

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About Rock City Worship

Rock City Worship, emanating from the vibrant and dynamic Rock City Church in Columbus, Ohio, represents a fusion of faith, music, and community. This group, comprising a diverse team of pastors, worship leaders, musicians, and songwriters, has been pivotal in shaping the worship experience both locally and globally through their music and ministry.

The Genesis of Rock City Worship

Rock City Worship’s journey began with a small group, including Pastor Chad and his wife Katie, who moved to Columbus in 2010. Carrying a profound dream and a conviction that God was orchestrating something extraordinary, they embarked on their mission. This team dedicated themselves to prayer and meticulous planning for the inception of a new church that would resonate with the heart of Columbus.

The Launch of Rock City Church

April 3, 2011, marked a significant milestone in their journey, as Rock City Church held its first public worship experience, drawing an impressive attendance of 430 people. This event laid the foundation for what would become one of the fastest-growing churches in America.

Debut and Early Releases

Rock City Worship made its debut in the music world with the release of their single “Made a Way” in March 2019. This marked the beginning of a series of dynamic anthems that resonated deeply with their congregation.

The Evolution of Sound

Their music, characterized by an incredible blend of gospel and contemporary worship styles, has captivated their local congregation and touched the hearts of a global audience.

The Full-Length Live Album: “Testify”

The culmination of their musical evolution is encapsulated in their full-length live album “Testify.” This album features powerful singles like “Praise the Lord” and the titular track “Testify,” each song a testament to their journey and faith.

Serving the Local Community

At the heart of Rock City Worship’s mission is a commitment to serving the people of Rock City. Their efforts extend beyond just musical expression, as they actively participate in various community-oriented initiatives. Beyond their local impact, Rock City Worship has taken on the role of empowering worship teams worldwide. They share their expertise and passion for worship, aiding other local churches in leading their congregations into the presence of God through music.

Growth and Expansion

Today, Rock City Church, with its multiple locations, continues to expand its reach. Thousands gather in-person and virtually, united in worship and community, testament to a decade-long journey of faith, music, and transformation. Rock City Worship, through its heartfelt music and dedicated ministry, continues to be a beacon of faith and inspiration. They exemplify how music can transcend boundaries, uniting people in worship and community, and how a small group’s dream can ignite a movement that resonates across the globe.

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