Temitope: How Worship Teams Can Be Catalysts for Racial Unity

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The role worship teams can play in fostering racial unity is often underestimated. This week, we discuss with Temitope the profound impact worship teams can have in championing racial reconciliation within their congregation and communities.

Acquire valuable insights on strategies, best practices, and tangible methods on how your department can be a catalyst for change.   Dive into our latest episode, where we explore the unique role worship teams play in championing racial reconciliation.

We don’t claim to have all the answers, but we know this conversation will be incredibly impactful.

Temitope’s Bio

Meet TEMITOPE (it’s pronounced Teh-ME-toh-PEH)! He’s a super-talented singer, songwriter, and activist hailing from the music city, Nashville. With a Nigerian dad and a British mom, both of whom made the big move to the US, his household was always bursting with diverse cultures and traditions.

His vision of unity

Imagine us all standing together with our unique differences instead of against each other because of them. That idea? It’s the heart and soul behind so many of his songs. He’s been all over the place sharing his music, from the Worship Together Conferences to Civil Righteousness Rallies, and even sharing his insights on podcasts and in publications. If you’re keen on diving into some deep conversations about unity, check out his stuff at THE LUMPY COUCH!

Recent Music Releases

Over the past couple of years, he’s dropped some fantastic music – even teaming up with artists like Mountaintops and LifePoint Music. Keep an ear out for his track, GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS – it’s been catching some waves on the radio and streaming sites since early 2022. As of December 2022, he’s joined forces with Capitol Christian Music Group for some new releases.

Temitope’s Family

When he’s off the stage, TEMITOPE’s all about family time with his wife, Jordan, and their 4 kiddos. Pop by their place, and you’ll find a vibrant mix of friends from all walks of life gathered around their dinner table. It’s a house that, in TEMITOPE’s own words, is simply “full of life.”

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Temitope’s New Release

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