Master Class: 8 Essentials to a Thriving Worship Ministry (Part 2) w/ Worship Ministry Training

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  • Josh Kluge

Worship Ministry Training

Do you want to effortlessly become a better worship leader? This Master Class of an episode with Worship Ministry Training provides indispensable tools and insights, from cultivating musical excellence to solid platform leadership, all aimed at propelling your worship ministry to greater levels.

Today we continue exploring actionable advice and profound wisdom to assist in your spiritual and leadership growth.

Last week was about vision, values, culture, relationships, administration, and musical excellence. This week we do a deep dive into training pathways and platform leadership.

Listen to this remarkable episode with our friend Alex from Worship Ministry Training and begin your growth journey now.

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Worship Ministry Training Bio

Founded in 2014 by a seasoned worship leader with over two decades of experience, they’ve grown into a global beacon of learning for worship leaders. With experience spanning congregations from 150 to 10,000, their founder’s, Alex Enfiedjian, expertise has been channeled into a platform that has trained over 20,000 worship leaders from all corners of the world.

Their Mission

To compress years of wisdom and learning into an accessible format for those eager to excel in worship leadership. They understand the hustle of everyday life and have tailored tools and courses designed to offer impactful training. The Worship Ministry Training Academy is the perfect place for young and tenured worship leaders to gather, grow, and excel. If you want to grow as a worship leader, head over to their page now!

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