Worship Team Structures that Cultivate Deeper Encounters with God: Insights from UPPERROOM’s Abbie Gamboa

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  • Josh Kluge


Today’s episode is about powerful worship team structures!

Do you want to create worship experiences that help people connect with God on a deeper level? Look at your worship team structures. Do they directly promote deeper worship experiences?

In this episode, Abbie Gamboa shares her insights on how to build worship team structures that lead people into more profound encounters with God.

Additionally, she touches on systems in the worship department at UPPERROOM that foster a culture of hunger for spiritual growth.

Moreover, if you’re a worship leader looking for practical guidance on creating a worship experience that helps people connect with God on a deeper level, this episode is for you.

Abbie’s wisdom and experience will inspire you to think differently about approaching worship team structures.

Additionally, this conversation provides you with practical tools & strategies to create a culture that leads people into more profound encounters with God.

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