Top Christmas Worship Songs 2021 [with Tutorials]

We can’t wait for this year’s Christmas services!

Making an incredible Christmas experience for your congregation requires a lot of details, so we put this list together to help ease that amount of work. Here on this list you’ll see Old Christmas classics, modern new worship songs, & generic Christmas worship songs that perfectly fit the message of the season!

Whenever you plan your Christmas Worship set, use this list as a guide!

We are confident that this list will provide you with the perfect Christmas worship songs for your services this year!


Every song includes walkthrough tutorials for vocal harmonies, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, and keyboards. Along with in-depth lessons from seasoned instructors, chord charts in every key, & transposable timing-synched guitar tabs!

Happy planning, happy practicing, & may this year’s Christmas service be full of the presence of God! Here’s our 2021 list of Christmas Worship song tutorials.

Christmas Worship Classics

This is a list of classic Christmas songs that everyone will know! Click any of the links below to view the full tutorial.

Modern Christmas Songs

This is a list of classics that have been amped up and made more full band and modern.

 Worship Songs With A Christmas Themes

This is a list of modern worship songs long weren’t written exclusively for Christmas, but have powerful Christmas themes.

As you begin your Christmas worship service planning, I hope you discover the Christmas Worship songs that are perfect for your community.

Let us know in the comments below what songs your church will be doing this year as well as any ideas you’d like to share!

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