Vocals Tutorials Are Live + FREE Video Series On Worship Vocals!

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  • Shalon Palmer

Get instant access to Worship Vocal Tutorials for over 550 of today’s top worship songs!

Worship vocalists, I’m truly excited to share something with you today! Everything we do here at Worship Online is to serve worship team members like you. Together, we’re challenging the status quo of how we prepare and show up to rehearsals. This is what leads us to our newest innovation today, worship vocal tutorials.

These are truly going to help you take your sets to the next level! Now you can:

  • Isolate your harmony part so you can hear exactly what to sing, which means no more guessing or fumbling around with parts.
  • Change the key with our built-in mixer so you can prepare in the exact key you’re singing in on Sunday.
  • And most importantly, save hours of your time and show up confidently, ready to worship!

We’ve taken that level of excellence that we’re known for in our instrument tutorials and have expanded it out to worship vocals!

Don’t wait, go here and learn how you can get instant access to over 550 of today’s top worship songs.

Check out this short worship vocals demo video below:

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More worship vocals training:

To celebrate the launch of vocal tutorials, we’ve been hard at work creating a brand new FREE video series that is going to get your vocal chops up to professional quality!

This is an in-depth 5 part series on how to take your worship vocals to the next level! This video series is going to be a game-changer for all you worship vocalists out there!

Here’s a short intro video:

Don’t miss out! We’re only offering this course for free for a limited time!

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Get instant access to instrument and vocal tutorials for over 500 of today’s top worship songs!
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