10 Worship Songs About Fellowship [With Tutorials]

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Worship Songs About Fellowship

Worship songs have the power to bring us closer to God and to one another. Fellowship, or coming together as a community to share in love and support, is a central aspect of Christian life and worship. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring 10 worship songs about fellowship that celebrate the joys and challenges of fellowship.

These songs offer powerful lyrics and melodies that can deepen our connections to one another and to God. Whether you’re looking for a song to lead in worship or simply want to reflect on the theme of fellowship, this list is for you.

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So without further ado…

10 Worship Songs About Fellowship

1. Good Grace – Hillsong United

People come together
Strange as neighbors
Our blood is one
Children of generations
Of every nation
Of kingdom come

The first worship song about fellowship on our list is “Good Grace.” These lyrics perfectly capture the beauty of fellowship. They remind us that we are all united, no matter our differences in race or culture. We may seem strange to each other, but we come together through God’s love and share the same blood.

These words of encouragement urge us to put aside our worries, look up to Jesus and never forget who is the source of our hope and redemption. When we remember this truth, we can be strong and courageous as we come together in unity, knowing that Jesus is always with us – from now until His kingdom comes.

2.  Build Your Kingdom Here – Rend Collective

You made us for much more than this
Awake the kingdom seed in us
Fill us with the strength and love of Christ
We are Your church
Oh, and we are the hope
On earth

These lyrics express a desire for God to build His kingdom on earth through the actions of His people, who are identified as the church. The theme of fellowship is implied through the use of collective language, such as “we pray” and “we are Your church.” The lyrics call for the Holy Spirit to invade the hearts of the listeners, unifying them and setting their hearts ablaze with hope. 

The song also emphasizes the importance of putting God’s kingdom first in our lives and the impact this can have on others, including the captive, the hurt, and the sick. Through these lyrics, the song reflects the idea of fellowship as a community of believers working together to bring about God’s kingdom on earth, with a focus on serving others and bringing about healing and peace.

3. Open Up the Heavens – Vertical Worship

We’re looking to the sky
Descending like a cloud
You’re standing with us now
Lord, unveil our eyes

These lyrics beautifully demonstrate fellowship by emphasizing our collective desire to experience God’s presence. Gathering together in His name, we call out to Him with hearts filled with longing and truth. As He opens the heavens, our eyes become unveiled and we recognize His glory with awe and admiration. We are reminded that it is He who has brought us together and made us one community united in praise. His mighty river of love flows through us all, reminding us that we are never alone as long as He is with us.

4. All Hail King Jesus – Jeremy Riddle

Let every knee, come bow before the King of Kings
Let every tongue, confess that He is Lord
Lift up your shout, let us join with all of Heaven
Singing holy, singing holy
Cry out holy, singing holy

These lyrics magnify the fellowship we have with one another in praise of our King of Kings. We are reminded to bow before Him and acknowledge His lordship over our lives. As we lift up our shouts in unison, it is as if Heaven and Earth come together in perfect harmony. We join with all of Angels, Saints, and each other in crying out “Holy!” Our voices blend together and proclaim a unified truth: that the Lord is indeed holy and worthy of our worship.

5. House of the Lord – Phil Wickham

We were the beggars
Now we’re royalty
We were the prisoners
Now we’re running free
We are forgiven, accepted
Redeemed by His grace
Let the house of the Lord sing praise

These lyrics relate to the theme of fellowship by expressing the communal worship and celebration of God’s power, love, and grace. The lyrics highlight the idea that through worship, people come together as one to praise and give thanks to God, who has opened the prison doors, parted the sea, and saved and redeemed them through His grace.

The mention of singing and shouting out God’s praise emphasizes the joy and unity that is experienced in the house of the Lord. The idea that the singers were once beggars and prisoners, but are now royalty and free, highlights the transformative power of God’s love and grace, and the idea of being accepted and forgiven as part of the fellowship of believers. When it comes to worship songs about fellowship, this is one that can’t be missed.

6. God With Us – Jesus Culture

God with us, God for us
Nothing can come against
No one can stand between us
God with us, God for us
Nothing can come against
No one can stand between us

These lyrics speak of the power and beauty of divine fellowship. The Creator of Heaven and Earth is not only with us, He is for us; no one can come against or stand between us and Him. His mercy and grace are unrivaled, and His love knows no end – giving life and healing to the broken. As we sing praises to Him together, it is clear that our faith in Him unites us as a family. We will shout out to our King and Saviour forever – singing of all He has done!

7. Promises Never Fail – Bethel Music

You are with me
What can separate us?
You are for me
What can stand against us?
Your love, it won’t let go
I know it won’t

These lyrics express the power of fellowship in God. We can be confident that no matter what may come against us, He is with us and for us, His love never letting go. Our faith in Him strengthens our unity as we stand together on all the promises He has made – healing, freedom, favor and hope! We will trust and obey His words, knowing they will never fail; and in His name, we will see His plans come to pass.

8. Great Are You Lord – All Sons and Daughters

And all the earth will shout Your praise
Our hearts will cry, these bones will say
Great are You, Lord

These lyrics relate to the theme of fellowship by expressing gratitude and praise for God’s love and restoration. The lyrics emphasize the idea that God is the source of life, love, light, hope, and restoration, and that He has the power to heal broken hearts. The idea of God’s breath in our lungs symbolizes His life-giving power and presence, and the idea that our praise and worship is in response to His goodness.

The mention of pouring out our praise to God only highlights the idea of giving Him the glory and focusing on Him as the source of all good things. This creates a sense of unity among believers, as they come together to praise and worship God, and experience the love and restoration that He provides.

The repetition of the phrase “It’s Your breath in our lungs” emphasizes the idea of God’s constant presence and the idea that our worship and praise is an outpouring of His love.

9. Nothing Is Impossible – Planetshakers

Deep down I know that 
You’re here with me
And I know 
That You can do anything

These lyrics express the power of fellowship in God. He gives us strength, courage, and faith to do anything – no matter how difficult it may seem. In His presence, we can find healing and freedom as our spiritual strongholds are broken down. Together, we can trust in Him knowing that nothing is impossible! We have the assurance that He is with us every step of the way, guiding us through this life with a love that never fails.

10. Where You Are – Hillsong Young and Free

I never knew a love like this before
The kind of life that I cannot find on my own
I’ve seen the world but I have never been so sure
That I want Your heart

The final worship song about fellowship on our list is “Good Grace.” The lyrics relate to the theme of fellowship by expressing the singer’s desire to be close to God and to be in His presence. The singer recognizes that their love for God surpasses anything they’ve experienced before, and they express their devotion to Him through lifting Him higher and offering praise. The singer wants to be where God is and to experience the kind of love and life they have found in Him.

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