10 Worship Songs About Fire [With Tutorials]

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Worship Songs About Fire

Worship songs about fire symbolize our passionate love and zeal for God. Fire also represents the Holy Spirit, who empowers and transforms believers. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of 10 powerful worship songs about fire that celebrate the fiery love of God and inspire us to seek His presence with all our hearts. Get ready to be moved by the lyrics and melodies as we explore the theme of fire in worship music.

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10 Worship Songs About Fire

1. Set a Fire – Jesus Culture

Set a fire down in my soul
That I can’t contain and I can’t control
Cause I want more of you God
I want more of you God

The first worship song about fire on our list is “Set A Fire”. These lyrics reflect the powerful passion and desire for God that fire can symbolize in worship. The speaker desires a burning, transformative power to consume her very soul: one that she cannot contain or control.

This reflects the intense feelings of devotion expressed in many songs about fire, a powerful blaze that inspires us to set aside our lesser desires and move closer towards God. These lines can also be related to Biblical passages such as Isaiah 64:2 which speaks of a fire that will consume us and make us holy. Ultimately, this song speaks to the passionate love for God that burns within us all.

2. First Love – Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes

I’m returning to the secret place
Just an altar and a flame
Love is found here in our sacred space
I hear Your voice, I see Your face

These lyrics reflect the intense, passionate love for God that is like a burning fire. The table shared between them symbolizes their perfect union and closeness in intimacy – and no external force can come between it. These lines present fire as an image of devotion and surrender to the love of God, a passion so strong that it feels like it is beating out of our chest.

We want this emotion to never end; for the flame of our hearts to be lit forever. It conveys the depth of intimacy we can experience when we surrender to His love, knowing that He will never leave us nor forsake us.

3. Another in the Fire – Hillsong UNITED

There was another in the fire
Standing next to me
There was another in the waters
Holding back the seas

These lyrics reflect the grace and protection we find in God when our hearts are on fire. Regardless of the walls that close in around us, we can know a sense of ease due to His presence – the space between where we used to be and this reckoning. He is the one standing next to us in the fire and holding back the seas, constantly reminding us of our freedom.

These lines present fire as an image of redemption and faith, a reminder that we will never be alone no matter how difficult it gets. The cross carries our burdens, with one life given for ours – forever freeing us from sin through Jesus’s death on the cross.

4. Yaweh – Elevation Worship

Worthy to be praised
Fire rising in my soul
All consuming flame

These lyrics capture the powerful presence of God living within us, reminding us of His unending promise and our heavenly inheritance. Fire is used as an image for His Spirit – a flame that rises in our soul, consuming us and drawing us closer to Him. The chorus refers to God’s holiness and worthiness to be praised; He is the Lord – elevated above all else.

These lines also speak about surrendering to the mystery of His grace and allowing it to come alive in our lives through desire and wonder. There is power in His name, reflected by the imagery of fire.

5. Egypt – Bethel Music

The fire by night
Is the guiding light to my feet
‘Cause You found me
You freed me

These lyrics portray an image of safety and security, reminding the listener of God’s presence in all aspects of their life. The cloud by day serves as God’s shield, protecting us from danger and the fire by night are His guiding lights leading us to a safe path. This is further illustrated by Yahweh’s power which was displayed to free us from our struggles.

Fire here reflects both His strength and His ability to lead and guide – something that no other power can do. It speaks of a deep connection between God and man, one that is both comforting and reassuring. When it comes to worship songs about fire, this is one that can’t be missed.

6. Not Afraid – Jesus Culture

When I am in the fire
I will not feel the flame
I’ll stand before the giant
Declaring victory

This song speaks about the amazing power of God to protect us no matter what storms we may face. Fire is used as a metaphor for our struggles and difficult times; just like how fire can be both destructive and purifying, so too can challenging moments in life break us down but also build us up.

The lyrics convey the faith that comes when we trust in God, believing He will make a way even through the trials. This theme of trusting in God’s strength resonates with the imagery of fire, a powerful force that cannot be easily extinguished.

7. New Wine – Hillsong Worship

There is new freedom
And the Kingdom is here
I lay down my old flames
To carry Your new fire today

This song speaks of a profound transformation, making a comparison between a new wine and the power of God. We are invited to present ourselves as vessels, sacrificing our old flames in order to carry His new fire.

Fire is used as an image of transformation; while it can bring destruction, it can also be purifying, destroying what no longer serves us and creating something anew. The lyrics encourage us to embrace this change, allowing God’s power and freedom to enter our lives so we can become all that He intends.

8. Fade Away – Passion

You’re the only one
I’ll ever need
Holy fire
Burn away the old
That stands between

These lyrics relate to the theme of fire in that the singer wants Jesus to be the center of their life, and desires the presence of Jesus to burn away all that stands in the way of their relationship with him. The singer wants the Holy Fire of Jesus to consume their life, leaving only Jesus as the focus and satisfying their deepest needs.

The singer is willing to let all else fade away and surrender their life to Jesus, allowing him to have complete control.

9. My Lighthouse – Rend Collective

Fire before us
You’re the brightest
You will lead us
Through the storms

This song speaks of using God as a lighthouse to guide us through life, particularly during times of trouble. The imagery of fire suggests that He is the brightest source of light, illuminating our way and leading us through the storms. Fire can also represent strength and courage in the face of difficulty; even in the darkest of moments, we can rely on His guidance to carry us to safety.

The use of this metaphor reminds us that even in our struggles, we have access to a reliable source of hope and comfort that will never go out.

10. Love Has a Name – Jesus Culture

There’s a voice that echoes
Through the pain
There’s an ember
Ready for the flame

The final worship song about fire on our list is “Love Has A Name”. The lyrics relate to the theme of fire by referencing an ember being ready for the flame, implying a potential for growth, change, and passion. The idea of hope flowing through the veins may suggest a burning passion or desire.

Fire is used as a metaphor for this hope; the ember serves as a visual representation of faith, which when lit and enflamed by trust in God, can help us to push past our trials and experience true freedom. The image of fire also suggests that with faith comes strength, courage, and unwavering dedication to His name—no matter what life throws our way.

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