10 Worship Songs About Hope [With Tutorials]

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Worship Songs About Hope

Hope is an essential aspect of the human experience, and music can provide a powerful source of comfort and strength. Worship songs about hope can be a source of an unshakeable foundation and bring us closer to God’s presence. Here at Worship Online, we have compiled a list of 10 beautiful praise and worship songs about hope that will give you the courage to keep going, no matter what life throws your way.

Let these inspiring lyrics carry your troubles away and transport you to a place of peace, joy, and strength!

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So without further ado…

10 Worship Songs About Hope

1. Living Hope – Phil Wickham

Then through the darkness your loving kindness 
Tore through the shadows of my soul 
The work is finished 
The end is written 
Jesus Christ my Living Hope

The first worship song about hope on our list is “Living Hope”. The theme of hope in the Bible is conveyed through the imagery of a chasm and a mountain in the song “Living Hope”. These obstacles and struggles represent the difficulties that we may face in our lives. The song conveys a sense of desperation and hopelessness, but then the speaker turns to heaven and speaks the name of Jesus, which represents a turning point.

The chorus of the song highlights the transformative power of Jesus’ love and grace in our lives. It’s a reminder that through Jesus, we can find hope, even in the darkest moments. The lyrics “The work is finished” and “The end is written” speaks of the completed work of Jesus on the cross, which offers us the hope of salvation.

As Christian worship leaders, it’s important to use songs like “Living Hope” to lead people into a deeper understanding of the hope found in Jesus. The lyrics can remind congregations that no matter what they may be going through, they can find hope in God’s promises and faithfulness.

2. Promises Never Fail – Bethel Music

I know Your thoughts 
Your plans for me are good 
And I know You hold my future and my hope 
Your promises never fail 
Your promises never fail

This song serves as a reminder to us that in the face of darkness, fear, and shame, we can find hope in the love of God, as it says in 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.” The singer expresses an assurance that God’s love will never let go of them, which gives them confidence and hope in any situation.

The chorus expresses the belief that God is in control of our future and holds our hope, and that God’s promises never fail, just as it says in Isaiah 46:4

“I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me, declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying, ‘My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose.’”

It’s an immensely strong reminder that no matter what we may be going through, we can find hope in God’s love, sovereignty and faithfulness, as it says in Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

As worship leaders, these lyrics can be an incredibly impactful tool to lead our congregations in a deeper understanding of the hope that is found in God. It’s a reminder that even in the darkest moments, we can trust that God

3. Take Courage – Bethel

Hold onto your hope 
As your triumph unfolds 
He’s never failing 
He’s never failing

The lyrics within, Take Courage, hold many layers of meaning when it comes to hope. They remind us that no matter how difficult the situation might be, we must persevere and stay strong in our faith. It also gives us assurance that God is with us, no matter what– He is in the waiting and will never fail us. Finally, these words encourage us to keep holding on to our hope, as the promise of triumph awaits those who cling faithfully.

The idea of taking courage and waiting on the Lord is based on the Bible verse Isaiah 40:31, which encourages us to have faith in God’s plan and trust that He will see us through, no matter how difficult it may seem. The words remind us to take courage in our hearts, stay steadfast in our souls, and hold onto our hope as His promise of triumph unfolds. This verse gives us assurance that God is with us every step of the way. 

4. Glimmer in the Dust – Hillsong UNITED

While I wait, I will not be afraid 
My faith will remain all the same 
My hope in the things not yet seen 
Found in the greatest of these

These lyrics are a powerful reminder of the hope we have in God. They speak of the special place He has for us, where we will be able to experience His fullness of love and draw close to Him as a child. We can trust that our faith and hope will remain unchanged despite whatever comes our way, and that even when it feels like hope is lost, we can still find it in the greatest of these – God’s unconditional love.

In the Bible, Jesus encourages us to put our faith and hope in Him even when life gets tough. These words illustrate the truth of His promise that if we seek Him first, He will be with us every step of the way and carry us through even our darkest moments. He reminds us that there is an eternal hope found in Him alone which transcends all understanding – something only found in the greatest of these.

When it comes to worship songs about hope, this is one that can’t me missed.

5. To The One – UPPERROOM

Jesus Christ 
Our perfect sacrifice 
You are beautiful 
Our hope’s in You alone

This song speaks to the hope we have in Jesus Christ. He is the King of Endless Life, yet He chose to die on a sinner’s tree for us. With His last breath, He accomplished what no one else could: bridging the gap between humanity and God by taking away our sins and allowing us to draw near to Him through faith.

He then stormed the gates of hell while tearing down the veil that separated us from Him, becoming our perfect sacrifice and providing us with hope in something greater than ourselves. Ultimately, no matter how bleak it can feel at times, this song reassures us in its reminder that our hope is found in Jesus alone.

As declared in Romans 5:8, joyfully, our Heavenly Father has demonstrated His love and mercy by providing us with the perfect sacrifice of His Son.  Through Jesus’ death on the cross, we can receive redemption from death and be restored to a living relationship with Him. When Christ cried out “…it is finished,” He conquered sin and all its grips on our lives, allowing for freedom from its clutches to enter our hearts. Trusting in this hope, we can have confidence that every difficulty is met with deliverance from the Lord Himself.

6. God I Look to You – Bethel Music

God I look to You, 
I won’t be overwhelmed 
Give me vision 
To see things like You do

God I Look To You is a song of a profound expression of hope in the face of difficulty, trusting that God is our strength, shield, and rock forever. The repeated refrain of “Hallelujah our God reigns” emphasizes that His power will always be present, no matter what challenges arise. By singing these words, we can connect to this higher source of hope and trust in Him to help us through any situation.

These lyrics are rooted in the Bible, with direct references to God being our help and our strength. The phrase “Hallelujah our God reigns” is a direct reference to Psalm 47:8, which states “God reigns over the nations; God sits on his holy throne”. These words offer us an assurance that despite any challenges we face, the Lord still sits on His holy throne and He will never let us down. This song is a beautiful reminder of God’s unending love and unfailing faithfulness.

7. Believe For It – CeCe Winans

We know that hope is never lost 
For there is still an empty grave 
God we believe no matter what 
There is power in Your name 
So much power in Your name

The power of hope is illustrated in these lyrics – they show us that, despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we can rely on God’s strength and trust in His promises. The chorus directly speaks to this – we can move mountains and break chains because of our belief in Him.

The interlude affirms that there is still hope, no matter what we face, and reveals the truth that God’s power is greater than anything the world can throw at us. No obstacle is too great for Him and no challenge too difficult to overcome; He will never let us down if we trust in Him.

This song encourages us to have faith and trust in God, as even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges, He will help us find a way. We can rely on the power of God, as demonstrated by Jesus when he moved mountains and broke chains (*Matthew 17:20). Nothing is too difficult for Him, no matter how tough the situation. Singing the words of this song reminds us that despite any adversity and difficulty we may face, we can trust in God’s ability to make all things possible

8. Prince Of Peace – Hillsong United

Hope like the sunlight piercing through the dark 
The Prince of peace came and broke into my heart 
The violent cross, the empty grave 
And in Your light I found grace

This song, Prince of Peace, encourages us to put our hope in God, as He can break through any darkness and bring us grace. The idea of the sun piercing through the dark is compared with Jesus entering into our lives and bringing us peace. Even when we face fear and seemingly insurmountable challenges, we can find strength in trusting God to get us through them – as He will bring His light and love to guide us out of any darkness.

All of us can take comfort in these lyrics, as they offer a powerful reminder of the importance of hope and faith. They can reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection, reminding their congregations of the power found through trusting God (Romans 8:38-39).

These verses also point to the powerful example set by Jesus in his life, which occurred in spite of immense suffering and darkness. As worship leaders, we can draw strength from these lyrics and preach confidently about God’s enduring grace and love.

9. Love Came Down – Bethel, Brian Johnson

When my heart is filled with hope 
And every promise comes my way 
When I feel Your hands of grace 
Rest upon me

Hope is often the key to regaining strength and courage despite difficult circumstances. The lyrics remind us that no matter what we are facing, if we trust God we can find confidence in His promises and grace. Through this hope comes freedom – “love came down and set me free” – to live out our lives for Him, and with purpose. We will never be alone or without help: God will always remain faithful and near.

These lyrics are reflective of many Bible verses that speak to the power of God’s grace and mercy. In particular, they align with Romans 8:24-25 which states

“For in this hope we were saved. Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? But if we hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.”

This verse highlights how trusting in God can bring us hope – even when our situation looks bleak – and help us to “wait with patience” until He provides peace and comfort. Ultimately, the lyrics of this song remind us that, no matter what storms come our way, God’s grace and mercy will always set us free.

10. Famous For (I Believe) – Tauren Wells, Jen Johnson

I have a hope found in Your name 
I have a strength found in Your grace 
Your faithfulness my fortress 
Over and over

The worship song about hope on our list is “Famous For.” The lyrics of this song emphasize the hope and strength that comes from trusting in God’s faithfulness. The chorus evokes images of protection, with the lines “make way through the waters” and “walk me through the fire”.

The bridge speaks to the notion that no situation is too big or difficult for God to handle, and He can provide immeasurably more than we could ever ask or think. These words serve as a reminder that no matter what life throws our way, we can stand firm in hope because of God’s unfailing love and power.

In the chorus, the words used exalt God’s might and faithfulness. The lines “make way through the waters” and “walk me through the fire” evoke stories such as the Red Sea being parted or Daniel facing danger in a lion’s den. The bridge references scriptures such as Ephesians 3:20-21, emphasizing God’s capacity to do more than we can ask or think. Throughout this song, there is a strong reliance on God that brings with it hope, strength, and trust.

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