10 Worship Songs About Humility [With Tutorials]

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10 Worship Songs About Humility

Humility is an essential characteristic of a faithful person. Worship songs can be powerful tools for reflecting on this virtue and developing our understanding of it. To guide you in your journey of learning about humility through worship songs, we have compiled a list of 10 worship songs about humility. These inspiring songs point to the beauty of being humble before God. Join us as we explore these wonderful works!

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10 Worship Songs About Humility

1. Unending Love – Hillsong Worship

Now all I am
I lay at Your feet
I’m humbled by 
The wonder of Your majesty

The first worship song about humility on our list is “Unending Love”. The lyrics to this song relate to humility in that the singer is expressing their willingness to let go of their own desires and pride in order to focus on worshiping and serving Jesus. The lines “There’s no silver or gold / And no treasure untold / That could draw me away from Your heart” and “Neither love of myself / Or of anyone else will do” demonstrate a humility and selflessness, as the singer is saying that nothing else in the world is more important to them than their relationship with Jesus. 

Additionally, the line “I’m humbled by the wonder of Your majesty” shows that the singer recognizes the greatness and power of Jesus and is humbled by it. Finally, the line “Letting go of my pride / I lay down my desires / Just to worship in Spirit and truth” demonstrates the ultimate act of humility, which is putting aside one’s own wants and needs to focus on worshiping and serving God.

2. Have It All – Bethel Music

Surrendering my crowns
At the feet of the King
Who surrendered everything
And oh, the peace that comes
When I’m broken and undone

These lyrics express the surrender of oneself to God. By offering up “every part of [his] world”, the singer is recognizing his dependence on God and embracing humility. The reference to a crown symbolizes the recognition that all power and glory ultimately belongs to God alone, as demonstrated by Jesus laying down His life for mankind.

The peace that comes with being “broken and undone” speaks to the freedom that comes when we recognize our need of God’s grace and mercy. Ultimately, these lyrics evoke an attitude of worshipful reverence in acknowledging the greatness and power of God.

3. Everything and Nothing Less – Chris McClarney

Humbly I stand, an offering
With open hands, Lord I bring
Everything and nothing less
My best, my all


These lyrics demonstrate the ultimate act of humility: surrendering oneself to God. The singer is making a conscious choice to give up his own ego and release control, trusting that God will take care of him. He pledges not only his possessions, but also his life and song, representing both the physical world around him and his innermost passions and emotions. This willingness to lay down his pride, desires, dreams and ambitions in obedience to God’s will speaks to the power of humility.

4. Stronger – Hillsong Worship

There is love, that came for us
Humbled to a sinner’s cross
You broke my shame and sinfulness
You rose again, victorious

These lyrics draw attention to the power of Jesus Christ’s love – powerful enough to break through any darkness, even sin. The singer acknowledges that through Jesus’ death on the cross, and his victorious resurrection, He paid the ultimate price for mankind’s sins and set us free.

This acknowledgement of God’s greatness and mercy is ultimately a humble one; by recognizing the grace extended to them, the singer is offering up praise and devotion to their Lord. These words, “let your name be lifted higher”, become a rallying cry of hope as they speak to both humility in acknowledging our own sinfulness, as well as faith in God’s power to overcome it.

5. Make Room – Community Room

Here is where I lay it down
Every burden, every crown
This is my surrender

These lyrics relate to humility in that they express the singer’s willingness to lay down their burdens, crowns, lies, and doubts, and surrender control to a higher power. The repetition of the lines “Here is where I lay it down / Every burden, every crown / This is my surrender” emphasizes the singer’s intentional act of surrendering control and letting go of their own desires and ambitions.

The line “This is my surrender” shows that the singer is actively choosing to let go of their own control and desires. The line “And I will make room for You / To do whatever You want to / To do whatever You want to” emphasizes the singer willingness to allow the higher power to take control and guide their actions, rather than trying to control things themselves.

Overall, these lyrics convey a sense of humility and surrender, as the singer willingly gives up control and makes room for a higher power to guide their actions and decisions. When it comes to worship songs about humility, this is one that can’t be missed. 

6. Run to the Father – Cody Carnes

I hear Your invitation
To let it all go
Yeah, I see it now
I’m laying it down
And I know that I need You

Humility is an essential virtue in biblical teaching, emphasizing the importance of tempering pride and ambition with meekness and submission to God’s will. This song reflects this very idea; the singer acknowledges that they have been trying to deal with their struggles on their own for far too long.

In hearing God’s invitation to let go, they make a conscious decision to surrender themselves entirely to Him – allowing Him to take control and redeem them through His son. In doing so, they recognize that no amount of effort of their own can compare with the love and grace provided by God – inspiring them to come back again and again, trusting in the power of His healing.

7. You Say – Lauren Daigle

Taking all I have, and now
I’m laying it at Your feet
You have every failure
God, You have every victory

The song relates to the theme of humility in the Bible in that it speaks of the need to recognize one’s own limitations and shortcomings, and to rely on God for strength, guidance, and a sense of identity. The lyrics express the idea that one’s worth and identity come from God, rather than from one’s own abilities or accomplishments. 

The song also speaks of the idea of surrendering oneself to God, and of recognizing that one is not in control, but that God is. The idea of God’s love and grace being available even when one feels weak or inadequate also relates to the theme of humility, as it acknowledges that one’s own strength and abilities are not enough and that one needs to rely on God’s strength and love.

8. Draw Near – Passion

Here I lay my life down
Cast my cares at Your feet
Jesus here in this moment with You
I have all that I need

The lyrics express the idea that when the singer is troubled and worried, they turn to God and find solace in Him. The lyrics also emphasize that God is the only source of strength and security, and that the singer finds their worth and identity in Him.

The repetition of the phrase “I draw near, I draw near to You, and You draw near, You draw near to me” also highlights the idea of a close relationship with God and the idea that God is always near and available to provide comfort and guidance. The humility in the song comes from the idea that the singer is acknowledging their need for God and their dependence on Him.

9. Come As You Are – Crowder

So lay down your burdens
Lay down your shame
All who are broken
Lift up your face

This song relates to the theme of humility by emphasizing the idea that anyone, regardless of their past mistakes or current brokenness, can come to God and find forgiveness, healing, and acceptance. The lyrics encourage the listener to lay down their burdens, shame, and hurt, and to come to God as they are, without feeling the need to hide or pretend to be something they’re not.

This message is in line with the Bible’s teachings on humility, which often stress the idea that all people are equal in God’s eyes and that true humility is recognizing one’s own need for God’s mercy and grace.

10. Heart of God – Hillsong Young & Free

Here I stand before you now
As honestly as I know how
Broken by the days gone by
Spirit help my soul to rise

The last worship song about humility on our list is “Heart Of God”. This song speaks to the theme of humility in several ways. The lyrics paint a beautiful picture of someone coming before God, humbly asking for His help and grace. They express a sincere surrendering of the past mistakes and fears, and show a willingness to rise above them with strength and courage.

This is reflective of the theme in the Bible which teaches us that we must humble ourselves before God if we want to receive blessings from Him. In turn, we can be assured of His continual presence and guidance as He helps us strive for holiness and redemption from our sins.

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