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Having worked with hundreds of worship teams over the years, I have seen first-hand the impact that a dedicated worship team devotional can have on a team. When worship leaders and team members consistently engage in a weekly devotional, it creates a deeper spiritual connection, fosters greater unity, and inspires more passionate worship.

Not only does this enhance the overall worship experience for the congregation, but it also provides a sense of purpose and accountability for each individual on the team as we strive to be more like Jesus.

Today, I’m going to delve deeper into why doing a weekly devotional with your worship team is not only important but also provides numerous benefits that will help to strengthen your worship ministry. Then I’ll talk about exactly how to incorporate a worship team devotional into your team culture.

But first, I have a free gift for you…

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Leading Worship With Purpose: A 52 week devotional for worship teams

Before we jump in on why you want to have a weekly worship team devotional, we have a free gift for you that is going to be extremely valuable for you and your team. We’ve created a first-of-its-kind weekly devotional book for worship teams. In it you’ll find an entire year’s worth of worship team devotionals that will help you and your team grow as leaders, musicians, and worshippers. 

So whether you’re looking for devotions for your entire team or want to enhance your own personal devotional time, this is the book for you.

I’ll give you all the details of the book at the end of this post. However, if you prefer to jump straight to it, you can click here to download your free copy of “Leading Worship with Purpose: A 52-Week Devotional for Worship Teams.”

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Why you want to have a regular worship team devotion.

  1. Fosters Unity: A weekly devotional provides a shared experience for the worship team to bond over their love and devotion to God. This helps to foster a sense of unity and strengthens the relationships within the team.
  2. Enhances Spiritual Growth: Doing a devotional together allows the worship team to grow in their faith and understanding of God’s word. This is essential for their personal spiritual growth and also provides a foundation for leading others in worship.
  3. Improves Worship Experience: When the worship team is focused on their relationship with God and committed to their spiritual growth, it will be reflected in their worship leading. This leads to a more meaningful worship experience for the congregation.
  4. Increases Accountability: A weekly devotional creates a sense of accountability for each team member to stay committed to their faith and continue growing in their relationship with God. This helps to prevent burnout and keep the team focused on their purpose.
  5. Inspires Passionate Worship: When the worship team is aligned with God’s heart and purpose, their worship will be filled with passion and authenticity. This inspires the congregation to join in and worship with their whole hearts.
  6. Encourages Consistency: A weekly devotional helps to establish a consistent routine for the worship team and keeps them focused on their relationship with God. This is essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving worship ministry.

How To Do A Worship Team Devotional

  1. Choose a Bible study or devotional book: Systematically going through an organized process is crucial when you’re expecting a team of people to be on the same page. However, when we looked around for a good devotional book for worship teams, it didn’t exist. That’s why we’ve created one. You can download it now here now at this link: “Leading Worship with Purpose.”
  2. Set a consistent day and time: Choose a day and time that works best for the team, and make sure it is consistent so that team members can plan accordingly. This can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Choose whatever makes the most sense with your team and schedule.
  3. Create a welcoming atmosphere: Encourage team members to bring their Bible, journal, and any other materials they need to participate in the devotional. Create a welcoming and relaxed environment that fosters open discussion and spiritual growth.
  4. Encourage participation: Encourage each team member to participate in the discussion and share their thoughts and insights. This helps to build relationships and create a sense of community. Leading Worship with Purpose helps with this by asking engaging and thoughtful questions that will be fun for your team to discuss.
  5. Assign leaders: I’ve found a great way to raise more leaders within our team is to let them lead a devotional. Assign someone to lead the devotional ahead of time. This will also help you delegate so that the preparation isn’t all on your shoulders.
  6. Pray together: Close each devotional with a time of prayer, lifting up the needs of the team and the congregation. Each devotional in our “Leading Worship with Purpose” devotional book ends with a prayer centered around the theme of that week’s topic. However, I also encourage you to pray and talk to Jesus about what’s on your heart as well. 
  7. Follow up: The next time your team meets for a devotional, follow up on any action steps you set from the previous week’s devotional. Ask everyone how they did and offer encouragement. This helps to keep the team accountable and on track with their spiritual growth goals.
  8. Make it a priority: Make sure that the scheduled devotional is a priority for the team, and encourage team members to make it a priority in their personal schedules. This helps to keep the devotional meaningful and consistent.

Advice and tips you don’t want to miss…

  1. Make it interactive: Encourage team members to actively participate in the devotional by asking questions, leading discussions, and sharing their personal experiences. Leading Worship with Purpose helps with this by asking engaging and thoughtful questions that will be fun for your team to talk about.
  2. Allow for flexibility: While it is important to have a consistent day and time for the devotional, allow for some flexibility as well. If a team member cannot attend one week, encourage them to catch up on their own or with another team member.
  3. Encourage personal reflection: Encourage team members to reflect on what they have learned from the devotional and how they can apply it to their lives and worship leading.
  4. Use different formats: Mix up the format of the devotional, such as reading a passage of scripture together, watching a video, or discussing a book. This helps to keep the devotional fresh and engaging. You can find additional content related to that week’s topic with a simple Google search, or
  5. Celebrate progress: Celebrate the progress and growth of the team, and acknowledge how far they have come in their spiritual journey. This can be as simple as a word of affirmation telling a team member how much you’ve seen them grow.
  6. Create a safe environment: Ensure that the devotional is a safe and confidential space where team members can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment.
  7. Lead by example: As a worship leader, model the behavior and attitudes you want to see in your team. Show enthusiasm for the devotional, and make it a priority in your own personal schedule.

Transform Your Worship Team with Purposeful Devotionals (A $30 Free Gift!)

Worship Team Devotional Inside Pages

Why You NEED This Devotional Book…

As worship leaders, we understand the importance of leading our teams with intention and purpose. This book is designed to provide guidance and inspiration for worship teams of all sizes and denominations. In this book, you will find 52 powerful devotionals that will help you and your team grow as leaders, musicians, and worshippers. 

This book is a collection of weekly reflections and prayers that have been carefully curated by our team at WorshipOnline.com who have years of experience leading worship teams in churches of all sizes. We understand the unique challenges that worship leaders face and have a passion for equipping leaders to lead their teams to new heights.

Each devotional is designed to help worship leaders and teams grow in their understanding and practice of worship and deepen their relationship with God. Whether you’re a new worship leader just starting out or a seasoned veteran looking for fresh insights, this book has something for everyone.

52 Relevant Topics For Worship Teams

Each devotional is centered around a different topic, from the power of preparation and teamwork to the importance of intimacy in worship and the role of music in a service.

We’ve also included reflections on topics that are sure to start a conversation within your team. Things such as social media, being punctual, the role of drums and guitar in worship, and even the role your diet plays in the energy you bring to each day. No topic has been spared here as we hope that you will have fun with them.

These devotionals are designed to be read and reflected on individually or as a team to encourage growth and development in your worship ministry.

We have included Bible verses, passages, and prayers to support each devotional that will boost your prayer life. And have also included thought-provoking discussion questions to help facilitate discussion and reflection within your team. Throughout your journey through this book, you and your team will gain a better understanding of true biblical worship.

At Worship Online, we aim to provide tools and resources for worship leaders to lead their teams with confidence, purpose, and a deeper understanding of God’s heart for worship. We believe that by reflecting on these topics together, you and your team will be encouraged, challenged, and better equipped to lead others into the presence of God.

We hope that you will find this book to be a valuable resource for your worship team and that it will help to strengthen your bond as you lead others into worship together. So, let’s begin this journey together and dive deeper into the heart of worship. Click the link below, enter your email address, and we’ll send it right over to you!

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