5 Worship Team Volunteer Traits Every Worship Leader Looks For

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Worship Team Volunteer Traits

When we think about the health and quality of a worship team, we often look to the efforts of the worship leader. However, let’s not overlook the tremendous influence that worship team volunteers hold over the culture, well-being, and, in a way, the “success” of the ministry. Worship team volunteers play a vital role in this too. So today, we have decided to talk about 5 worship team volunteer traits that team members should prioritize.

These 5 worship team volunteer traits make up what we believe reflects true Kingdom values. With this in mind, it’s important to remember this: these traits might not be instinctual. In other words, if you read this and this isn’t you, don’t beat yourself up. We are all on the path of growth!

More so, the intention of sharing these worship team volunteer traits is to recalibrate our focus on who we are called to be as Kingdom volunteers. Let’s jump in with our first trait! I’m sure some of you have already guessed what it is!

Worship Team Volunteer Traits #1 – Foundational Faith

The first and most important aspect of serving in ministry is having your faith walk in place. This is for a number of reasons. To state it plainly, doesn’t it just make sense that someone on platform would be actively pursuing their faith? Think about it this way; would you really want to be led by or listen to a pastor that wasn’t actively in pursuit of Jesus?

Your role on stage is not just musical. You are on stage as an example to the rest of the community of what a life of worship looks like. A life that, regardless of mountain top or valley low, is actively in pursuit of their ultimate calling.

Now, I am not saying that you can’t have questions or find yourself in a season with less passion. Any seasoned follower of Jesus knows that these types of seasons are incredibly normal. But there’s a difference between faithful pursuit and aimless wandering.

Again, it’s normal to have seasons of struggle and struggle does not disqualify you from serving. Think about how incredibly powerful it is to be on stage in a season where it’s difficult to worship and yet still choose Jesus. Talk about an amazing worship team volunteer trait! Your life communicating to your community at large – no matter the season, I will still praise Him!

Worship Team Volunteer Traits #2 – Reliability

I am a huge sports fan, and for years in sports commentary, I’ve heard the phrase, “Availability is the best ability.” It means that even if a player is really talented, it’s irrelevant if they’re always hurt or facing other issues that keep them from playing. The same goes for worship team members. I would go further to say, when it comes to worship team volunteer traits, “Reliability is the best ability.”

Practical ways to be a reliable team member

Consistent availability within your schedule and showing up on time are two huge ways to be reliable. Choosing to bite off more than you can realistically chew doesn’t help anyone, and actually can really hurt the team. Obviously, there are seasons when we are less available. Availability and reliability aren’t always synonyms.

Blocking off your schedule and communicating to your leader that you are available for a specific chunk of time is another way to be reliable. This is a dream worship team volunteer character trait that I can hear worship pastors around the world amening! Good team members can be relied upon to do what they are capable of when called upon.

Questions to ask yourself to determine if you have the capacity to serve

How will this affect my spouse/family/current commitments?

If I have the capacity at the moment, can I expect that to continue for the foreseeable future?

If I am in other ministries, will this get in the way of what I have already committed to?

There is also an element of mental capacity that needs to be there too. Keep in mind that you can also create capacity in your life. If ministry pulls you away from your time on social media or in front of the TV, I would say that is a successful trade off.

Worship Team Volunteer Traits #3 – Resourcefulness

Your worship leader has a lot on their plate, especially in their preparation for the weekend services. One of the best ways to unload some of their burdens is to know how and when to find the answers to any questions you may have on your own. This usually ends up being questions about the music for the weekend or scheduling.

You should at a minimum know how to navigate through Planning Center (or any other system your team uses), to find key information like rehearsal times, setlist, and schedule availability. Using those resources instead of texting or calling your worship leader is 99% of the time the best move.  This worship team volunteer trait helps free up your leader & encourages your ability to be self-sufficient.

3 resources to check before you text (your leader)

More than likely, what you’re looking for lies within these 3 platforms. Specifically PCO & Worship Online are designed to help you as a volunteer. In fact we know that these 2 resources are used so much that we’ve built Worship Online integration into Planning Center. This features allows for links to the tutorial & the arrangements you’ve created within Worship Online’s app to attach to your songs in PCO. This feature ensures that your team members are learning the correct songs, with the correct arrangements, & are showing up to rehearsal prepared.

If you’re unfamiliar with Worship Online or have never given it a try, sign up for your FREE 2-Week Trial Today!

Worship Team Volunteer Traits #4 – Relational

So often we emphasize how important it is for worship leaders to value and invest into their people. It’s super easy to get caught up in our tasks and miss people completely. This isn’t something only people with the title “leader” are susceptible to. Everyone is!

This worship team volunteer trait is vital because at the end of the day ministry is about people. The visual of a healthy worship team is: we are a small group of people from our community, leading our community in encounter.  Additionally, we must recognize that God uses all of us to minister. There are people on the teams we serve on, that we don’t lead, that God wants to reach through us. Whether it be lifting their arms when they are weak or simply experiencing the radiating love of God through us.

Worship Team Volunteer Traits #5 – Teachability

This final worship team volunteer trait is one that, in turn, allows what Jesus talked about in John 17 to be possible. Teachability in a way is about unity. It’s availability to submit. It’s recognition that we don’t have it all figured out. But most importantly, it’s the acceptance that we always have room to grow.

This worship team volunteer trait requires humility. In action this looks like being open to learning, growing, and receiving feedback. Also it looks like, constantly striving to improve musical abilities and understanding of worship. Teachability is about growth! Great team members are committed to growth.

The Worship Leader’s responsibility in all this

In short, people replicate what they see & value what is celebrated. Yes, as volunteers, we are responsible for prioritizing these traits, but as worship leaders, your job is to continue to call us higher. You are the shepherd, we are the sheep. Yes, we just finished discussing a worship team volunteer trait about growth, but your job is to propel us there.

Additionally, how will people know who they are called to be unless they are lead there? Communicate these values to your team and state, “Hey, these are the practicals of who I believe we are called to be. These worship team volunteer traits are characteristics of what I believe God is calling us to reflect as people.” Point them to it and consistently celebrate these things.

Final Thought

Overall, choosing to serve the Lord and your church in ministry can be a great thing for your church and your walk with the Lord. It is a big responsibility! When deciding whether to take on that responsibility or not, make sure you do your due diligence. This entire conversation is about how you show up. Embodying these worship team volunteer traits is a powerful way to bring the Kingdom of God into your team. Are you centered in Christ, relational, teachable, resourceful, and reliable? If so, you’re well set up to be a great addition to your church’s worship team.

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