2 Essentials All Great Worship Musicians Prioritize

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  • Chad Carouthers

Worship Musician Essentials

Do you aspire to excel as a worship musician? Discover the two worship musician essentials all great players prioritize.

Elevate your musicianship to new heights with our enlightening video series, ‘2 Essentials All Great Worship Musicians Prioritize.’

A lot of musicians struggle with knowing what to do to grow in their roles. Additionally, they often don’t know where to go in order to become better. Playing at church on a weekly basis will definitely get you better. But if all you do is play worship songs, then you will cap out in your ability level. 

If you want to grow and excel in your role on your worship team, this worship musician essentials series shows you how to get there. We talk through specific exercises that you can master. Memorizing your fretboard and playing around with different rudiments are just 2 things you can do.

Growing Requires Specific Development

Sure this might not be as much fun as playing through your favorite worship song. But it does increase what you are capable of as a musician and can then in turn directly apply to your favorite worship songs. Overall, prioritizing these worship musician essentials will send you on a musicianship journey that will result in you being able to effortlessly handle any song that gets thrown at you.

Additionally, it will get you in a headspace that is crucial to maintain as a worship musician. You’re called to play from the right place. To excel requires both of the worship musician essentials that we cover in this post.

Get started with our worship musician essentials now!

So what are you waiting for? Watch this 2 part series with Chad Carouthers & continue your journey as a great worship musician. Overall, this series will lead you to a place of greater worship musicianship that will directly impact your worship team. 


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