5 Qualities of a Healthy Worship Team

5 Qualities of a Healthy Worship Team by Jordan Holt

You can sound polished on stage, but what really makes the biggest impact on a church is your team’s health.

There are countless ways to define what makes a team healthy or unhealthy, but I’m going to share 5 factors that I have found to be some of the most vital.

1) Edification is a priority

The Bible is very clear about the power of our words. The easiest way to determine a person’s humility is by what comes out of their mouth. Are your team members talking poorly about other people or are they finding the gold in everyone around them?

We all have shortcomings on and off the stage, but a healthy team and environment brings out the best in everyone.

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” Ephesians 4:29

2) People are quick to serve in all areas

If a person can serve well off the stage then they can serve well on the stage.

It’s usually a red flag to leaders at our church when someone joins the church and quickly tries to get on the worship team. We all get it, it’s a fun position and you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t love worship in some capacity. However, we need to be intentional about placing greater importance on serving others than playing music, being noticed, and having a good time.

The best additions to a team are people who are willing to help in the less glamorous areas such as setting up chairs, running errands, or cleaning the building.

3) Feedback is given and taken well

If a team member is secure in who God has created them to be they won’t take it personally when a leader corrects them. There’s no room for egos on the stage. Worship is about bringing your best and being willing to submit to leadership.

At the same time, it’s important that leaders are not afraid to give feedback, deliver it in a loving way and take responsibility to be a good example above all else. Doing these things will create a long-lasting positive impact rather than a quick fix to a song. Some people get hurt no matter how you say something, but how they respond to constructive criticism is not your burden to carry if you are doing it in love.

4) Everyone practices

From a practical standpoint, everyone on your team should be putting in time outside of Sundays. (That includes leaders memorizing lyrics and not relying on confidence monitors)

Simply put, your team should be consistently improving. If your team is still at the same level over the past 3 years there’s a problem. Either people aren’t practicing at home or the leaders aren’t leading by example.

Worship Online makes all of this incredibly easy with countless resources for many of the top songs. There shouldn’t be any excuse to not be prepared.

5) Worship at home comes before the platform

We all want a pastor who actually walks out what they preach on stage, right? In the same way…a worship team member should reflect what they are doing on stage off stage.

It’s plain and simple: You shouldn’t be on stage leading a congregation if you don’t know how to worship God in your personal time.

It’s the personal relationship outside of church that natures the affection and passion for God that we need to lead well. Everyone on stage is a worship leader, not just the singers.

In all of this, perfection isn’t the goal of a team, but rather building a passionate heart and love for our Father. Out of that place comes a natural desire to be excellent because He is excellent. If your whole team is putting God before everything, it’s impossible for it to not affect the rest of the church.

What other healthy qualities do you and your worship team practice? Tell us in the comments below!

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